MFLABEL Label Printer


The MFLABEL Label Printer is an affordable thermal label printer that prints 4×6″ shipping labels, but it is only compatible with Windows and not Mac operating systems.


Priced at $109.99 on the company’s site, this printer is the cheapest 4×6″ thermal printer label we’ve come across. However, just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s good…and in this case, this printer is priced to sell for good reason. After buying the printer, a lot of disgruntled customers report lack of communication on the company’s behalf, and they also complain about long set up times. That said, once the printer gets up and running, customers seem pretty happy with it.

However, the fact that this printer only works with Windows operating systems is a huge hangup that we can’t get past. If you want to widen your customer base, at least make your printer compatible with both of the biggest operating systems in the world. Also, the printer comes with a CD-rom drive that you need to insert into your PC in order to install the drivers. Talk about not keeping up with the times. In our opinion, the lack in modern technology and lack of Mac compatibility both makes the MFLABEL label printer a no-go.

MFLABEL Label Printer Highlights:

  • Maximum print speed of 125 mm/second (or 5 inches/second)
  • Dated technology and design
  • Only works with Windows OS, not compatible with Mac
  • Connect to a PC computer via a USB cable
  • Reportedly unreliable customer support

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