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Rollo used to be one of the most popular direct thermal label printers on the market, but widespread reports of technical difficulties and a lack of innovation has caused them to fall out of fashion. In fact, we used to recommend Rollo above other competitors. Now, however, there are lots of other options out there that are easier to use, more reliable, and more cost-effective.


Back when online shipping software companies were in their first years, Rollo was the leader in direct thermal label printing. However, quite a few years can make a pretty significant difference. Nowadays, we find that the Rollo printer causes a bit more trouble than what the price tag is worth. Users often report that their labels don’t print properly, and complain about having to constantly recalibrate the printer. Depending on what browser you’re using, users have also been known

If you need to print off 4×6″ shipping labels, there’s a chance that Rollo will get the job done without any major hiccups. However, $179.99 is a pretty steep price point for what the printer offers, while other printer options such as the Brother QL-800 can rapidly print 2×7″ labels for nearly a third of the price.

Lastly, if you decide to go with the Rollo, keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase the fanfold 4×6″ labels, and not generic circular rolls. Fortunately, you can get a pack of 1,000 of these fanfold labels on Amazon for $25.99.

Rollo Label Printer Highlights:

  • High speed printing at 150 mm/second
  • More expensive than other 4×6″ label printer options
  • Dated design and functionality
  • Requires fanfold labels to be fed into the printer
  • Email-based support available on the Rollo website

Not sure if the Rollo Label Printer is right for you?

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