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Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a third-party logistics provider that provides order fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation for a wide variety of businesses.


If your E-commerce business is growing too fast for you to keep up with order fulfillment, Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a 3PL partner that can pick up the slack. In addition to providing standard fulfillment services like warehousing, inventory management and more, clients can shop for the best shipping rates in real time using Saddle Creek’s order management system (OMS). However, we suggest thinking twice before your business starts outsourcing fulfillment. Generally speaking, we believe in-house fulfillment is the way to go for E-commerce businesses that are just getting started. Plus, you won’t find better shipping rates than going through shipping software to buy postage online…no matter what companies like Saddle Creek advertise.

Feature Overview:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as warehousing, pick and pack, kitting, assembly and more
  • Use their API to integrate their warehouse management system with your online store
  • Strategically located warehouses allow clients to reach all of their customers within 2 days
  • Browse more features


  • Same day shipping on most orders received by 2 pm
  • They offer several “value added” services such as embroidery, engraving, gift message printing and more
  • Website contains a large amount of resources in the form of educational blog posts and articles
  • Contact form available on their website
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  1. James

    I had a pick up at this location.But I could make my 12.30 appt Because was delivering some were else.So the day shift girl told me to go back to my truck she will call me when a door open this was around 3.30 .This black girl call me around 8.40 Ask was still waiting to get loaded.She said go to door 115 I did back in red light comes on getting loaded then green light I walk in to get my paper work she ask is the load going to Atlanta I said no it’s going to Ocala fl.Had to wait until 3.00 o’clock to leave because they put the wrong load on my truck And she tried to lie about what time I arrived and when they loaded me.But don’t hurt my pay I get paid 20 and hr.If your a truck driver picking up a load here better bring your lunch.If you are late you be leaving for at least 5 hous

  2. Dustin S.

    Saddle Creek has made it so easy for us to continue growing our business without having to worry about fulfillment anymore. We’re not the most tech savvy guys, but their team was in the trenches with us and helped us integrate their WMS into our Shopify store. The price you pay for fulfillment is well worth it knowing your orders are shipped pretty much right as soon as they come in!


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