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ShipStation is a powerful web-based shipping software built for eCommerce retailers that operate across multiple channels. ShipStation offers discounted postage from many of the world’s top carriers. It also boasts direct integrations with over 150 popular marketplaces and shopping carts, such as Big Cartel, eBay,, Volusion and more.


If you’re an eCommerce retailer selling across lots of different platforms, ShipStation may be a good shipping software choice. ShipStation integrates with all of the major E-commerce shopping carts and marketplaces. That makes it easy for you to manage and ship all your online orders. Whether your small business is just starting out or you’re an E-commerce behemoth, their platform could help you streamline both shipping and order fulfillment. Unfortunately, ShipStation is known to add hidden postage markup in addition to the monthly fees they charge – this may not be the most cost effective option.

Feature Overview:

ShipStation boasts many features for eCommerce retailers, big and small.

  • Import your orders from any selling channel
  • Create pre-printed shipping labels for all your orders
  • Save time with customizable automation rules for shipping and order fulfillment
  • Add unlimited sales channels and scale your business
  • Browse more features


  • Get up to 40% off USPS rates and 29% off FedEx rates
  • Enormous range of E-commerce integration options
  • 24/7 online support and phone support during normal business hours
  • 30-day free trial
  • Numerous training options available, such as documents, webinars, and in-person training

Not sure if ShipStation is right for you?

To explore some cheaper, easier options, check out our guide:

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  1. Assad Khoury

    Maybe the worlds leading shipping system for e commerce but in my book the worlds worst experience and worst than worst rock below bottom customer service. No support!!!!. My system is broken and cannot get a resolution. Just endless meaningless, pointless back and forth robotic email and chat, offering no solution but links to endless webinars and help papers that do not address my issue. No way to communicate with a support technician. A complete waste of time and money. The most frustrating experience in 40 years of being in business. Stay away if you value your time and money.

  2. Jay Metevier

    The postal workers at Colchester Vermont have always been friendly and very helpful. Today I had issues with the address I was using for a package and the person working on my shipment went over and above with her assistance. I received exceptional assistance in a most friendly way.

  3. Karl Beckert

    liked the price and the setup. API integration to woocommerce was painless.

  4. Tommy

    Shopify/eBay/Amazon integration, discounted rates, free tracking, batch order label printing, real-time rate comparisons, easy to use, not too expensive. What more do you want?

  5. Briana

    There’s nothing really wrong with shipstation, but they don’t print commercial invoices for international shipments which is a problem if you have international customers. We have a lot of customers in Europe and Latin America, so that was a HUGE pain and ultimately why we ended up switching. We ended up saving more money when we switched, so there’s also that.

  6. josiah e.

    pretty much any software can print labels, but don’t overlook the best part about this one! ship station makes it so easy to import all your orders from anywhere your selling: amazon, etsy, ebay, you name it. beats going to every single platform one at a time!

  7. Caitlin

    I use FedEx as my primary carrier. I run a small online bakery and ship a lot of perishable food items, so I need them to get to my customers quickly. FedEx’s website is sooooo bad but ShipStation makes it easy to print off FedEx labels! Using it has saved me so much time and I’d definitely recommend to anyone. Sometimes customer support is tough to get in touch with and I have to wait a while but I always get through eventually!

  8. Christian

    I sell paintings and small ceramic sculptures on Big Cartel. Obviously, those are two very different kinds of items to ship. I discovered ShipStation because a lot of users on Big Cartel recommended it, and I’m so glad I listened. It’s incredibly easy to print labels for any kind of shipment I’m sending out, and the discounts have helped save me a lot of money! I don’t even think about shipping anymore, which is wonderful. After all, I’m an artist…not a shipper.


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