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Sticker Mule is an Internet custom printing company based in New York. They specialize in creating custom designs for small items such as stickers, labels, buttons, and magnets. Don’t let their name mislead you, however. They also create custom packaging in the form of mailers and packaging tape.


Sticker Mule is made by millennials, for millennials. They call themselves “the Internet’s favorite custom printer,” and we can see why. Their products are extremely high quality, and their price points are affordable. They also run special deals and promotional sales all the time, which you’ll be be made aware of you sign up for their email list. No matter what kind of business you’re running, Sticker Mule’s products are great for brand reinforcement and adding a little flair. For example, you can easily throw some custom printed labels or stickers with your brand inside your package for extra pizzazz. However, if you’re running an E-commerce business, it may make sense to browse other custom packaging companies that specialize in creating custom corrugated shippers and mailers.

Feature Overview:

  • Create custom stickers, labels, magnets, buttons, mailers, and packaging tape
  • Free online proofs
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Browse more features


  • 4 day turnaround on all products
  • Large amount of support resources on their website
    • You can also email a support ticket or tweet them @stickermule – they’ll respond!
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  1. Antonio

    Stickers came in the mail super fast, no hiccups at all. Highly recommend these guys

  2. Xavier

    Plain and simple the best sticker company on the internet

  3. Zelda

    The easiest and fastest way to order custom stickers!

  4. Travis

    My band uses Sticker Mule for our stickers and have had nothing but positive experiences!


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