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With locations in every continent except Antarctica, The Fulfillment Lab is a fulfillment and international shipping company popular amongst E-commerce businesses.


If you’re looking for a global fulfillment partner for your E-commerce business, The Fulfillment Lab might be the ticket. Clients speak positively about their reliability and excellent customer service. They boast locations and distribution centers in every continent (except Antarctica, of course). That certainly makes it a whole lot easier to get products to international customers. In addition, The Fulfillment Lab designs their services and prices around each individual client’s business model. In that sense, they claim that they operate similarly to how in-house fulfillment would be. While they do offer discounted shipping rates, it’s important to be aware that postage prices will be marked up. Before you consider outsourcing fulfillment, keep in mind that you won’t get better shipping rates than if you buy postage online with shipping software.

Feature Overview:

  • Standard fulfillment services such as inventory management, packaging and shipping
    • Clients can track orders and shipments, as well as receive real-time alerts when it’s time to replenish inventory
  • Free customized integration
  • Deliver to the US, EU, AU, and UK between just three to six days
  • Global returns/reverse logistics solutions
  • Browse more features


  • Clients are only charged when orders are shipped
  • Request a quote based on your average monthly shipments and where you’re shipping to
  • Private label business opportunity for entrepreneurs to brand and sell their “Skinutra” products
  • Phone support available for several countries
    • Email support also provided on their website
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  1. Kiley Mac

    Was a super easy integration. Customer service is the key to this company. You always have someone to speak to when you need a question answered.

  2. Tom Theopolus

    What a pleasure to work with. A team with people that are accountable. Mistakes happen in order fulfillment but very rare with TFL.

  3. Badria

    Perfect if you’re selling to a lot of customers in other countries! Top notch customer support and they get your products to your customers fast


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