Why Should I Be Using Custom Packaging?

Using custom packaging is one of the best decisions you can make for your E-commerce business
using custom packaging

There are many reasons why your eCommerce business should be using custom packaging. However, one reason stands out above the rest: standing out above the rest! See what we did there?

Everyone Else Is Using Custom Packaging, So Why Shouldn’t You?

There’s a 90’s album title if we’ve ever heard one. On a serious note, custom packaging gives your product a more professional and refined appearance, therefore helping your brand stand out among the masses. Plus, we can say with confidence that every other successful eCommerce business is already doing it! Therefore, if you have your own eCommerce business, we 100% recommend spending the money on customized packaging. Custom packaging results in great branding…and great branding is at the heart of every successful business.

Pro Tip: Custom packaging is more expensive than stock packaging, but don’t let that deter you! It often winds up being cheaper than using “free” medium and large flat rate boxes!

Using Custom Packaging with Priority Mail Cubic

Another huge reason you should use custom packaging is because of the ability to ship Priority Mail Cubic. With free USPS shipping software, you can take advantage of this “secret” mail class and enjoy the deepest discounts on postage available. Even after you factor in the cost of customized packaging, shipping Priority Mail Cubic is still the cheapest way to ship parcels between 1 to 20 pounds with USPS.

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