Can I Use Shipping Boxes for Moving Internationally?

Learn the two big reasons why we don't recommend using shipping boxes to send yourself items when moving internationally
using shipping boxes to move internationally
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Moving is an inevitable part of life, and sometimes, people send shipping boxes of smaller items to get some belongings to their new place in an efficient way. However, sending shipping boxes when moving internationally isn’t a good idea because of two reasons. First, international packages sometimes disappear in transit, and once a package leaves the U.S., missing mail searches become much more difficult. Secondly, shipping insurance claims are next to impossible for these types of shipments, since personal items are often difficult to prove the value for without a verifiable transaction record.

We Don’t Recommend Using Shipping Boxes for Moving Internationally Due to Lost Packages

First and foremost, we don’t recommend using shipping boxes for moving internationally due to the simple fact that packages go missing in transit sometimes. It happens every so often when you ship within the United States, no matter which shipping carrier you choose…and the fact of the matter is, it happens slightly more often for international shipments.

Shipping Insurance Claims on Personal Belongings are Nearly Impossible

As we said earlier, another reason we don’t recommend using shipping boxes for moving overseas other than the possibility of your items going missing is that shipping insurance claims on personal belongings are notoriously difficult.

Insurance claims are based on proof of value, which companies need to use as evidence to determine whether your boxes are, in fact, worth what you declared. Moreover, these companies find “proof of value” through a verifiable transaction record, such as an invoice or a purchase receipt. Since boxes of personal items often don’t have a purchase receipt or invoice associated with them, insurance companies have no way to prove their value. As a result, you likely won’t be able to claim any insurance on these packages if they get lost, even if you purchased extra shipping insurance when purchasing your label.

Learn more about protecting packages with shipping insurance.

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