Can I Intercept a USPS Package?

Learn how to intercept a package on the USPS website, and which types of shipments this service applies to
intercept a USPS package

When you’re sending a lot of packages, sometimes mistakes happen. Maybe you realized you entered the wrong address after you already sent your package out. Maybe the address got changed on you when you bought your label, and it’s too late to make a new one. Whatever the case, USPS offers a way to intercept packages on their website.

As Long as USPS Doesn’t Have the Package “Out for Delivery,” You May Attempt an Intercept

You can submit a request to intercept a package on the USPS website. USPS generally approves all intercept requests as long as the tracking number isn’t marked as “Out for Delivery” already. Once USPS has a package out for delivery, it’s too late for an intercept.

To begin the package interception process, visit this page on the USPS website. Once you’re there, provide the tracking number to see if your shipment is eligible, and then all the address details USPS asks you for. If USPS approves the interception, you’ll need to pay a fee of $15.25. You may also need to pay for any additional postage required for USPS to route the package to the new destination.

You Can’t Intercept an International Package

Unfortunately, the Postal Service’s package interception service doesn’t apply to international shipments. You can only attempt to intercept domestic packages, including shipments to any US Territories. Once you hand off an international shipment and USPS scans it into their system, there’s unfortunately not much you can do except hope the package arrives at the final destination, or that USPS returns it back to you at some point.

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