Can I Ship a Dog with USPS?

You cannot under any circumstances ship a dog with USPS, but you still have some other options for pet transportation
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Ah, man’s best friend—there’s nothing like good dog to complement your life! As more shelters and dog breeders establish online presences, you don’t . As a result, sometimes you may need to transport a dog to another part of the country without taking it there yourself. Many wonder if they’re able to turn to the reliable and affordable US Postal Service to ship a dog…and they’re often disappointed when they learn the answer.

USPS Does Not Allow You to Ship a Dog

We’ll make this as simple as we possibly can: no, you can not ship a dog with USPS! USPS strictly shippers from sending dogs within their network, as well as other live animals such as cats, turtles, and other reptiles. In fact, USPS prohibits the shipment of so many live animals that shippers can literally only send a few kinds…and the animals USPS allows for might surprise you.

Learn more about the certain types of live animals you can ship with USPS.

Consider Other Animal Transport Options

If you need to send (or receive) a dog within the United States, there are a variety of private companies that provide this sort of service. We’ve listed a few of the most popular options below:

Note: some of these specialty couriers also transport dogs internationally, but some currently don’t. If you need to get a dog to (or from) another country, be sure to choose a company that offers international transportation services. They will be able to help you fill out all the necessary paperwork, including any import permits you may need.

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