Can I Ship a Package to a Hotel?

Sending a package to a hotel is no different than sending one anywhere else
can I ship to a hotel

It’s an age-old tradition of traveling: we always tend to forget at least one thing. In some unlucky instances, the sundry shop may not have the item you’re looking for…but did you know that you can ship yourself a package? Maybe you need to send a small piece of luggage. Maybe you’re taking an extended stay somewhere away from home, and you need to order some necessities online. Whatever the case, you can absolutely ship a package to a hotel.

When Shipping a Package to a Hotel, Be Sure to Alert the Front Desk

Shipping a package to a hotel is no different than shipping something anywhere else. Just use the hotel’s address as the recipient address, and that’s literally all there is to it. However, it’s always a good idea to let the front desk know that a package will be arriving soon in your name. That way, they can hold it for you, and won’t turn it back to whichever carrier you used to ship it.

Since shipping to a hotel is the same as shipping to a normal recipient, then the same rules apply: you’ll want to save the most money on shipping by using online shipping software to buy discounted postage. If you’ve never heard of shipping software, be sure to check out that link…you’ll thank us later!

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