Can You Ship Hair Dye Internationally?

Learn why you may not be able to ship certain hair dye products internationally, but why you should be okay in most cases
ship hair dye internationally
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Hair dye is a tricky consumer product that may or may not qualify as a type of hazardous material. You can send hair dye domestically without any problem (and you can use any shipping carrier to do so). However, you might not be able to ship hair dye internationally if it contains flammable properties.

You Can Ship Hair Dye Internationally as Long as it Doesn’t Contain Aerosols

Hair dye is good to go to pretty much any international destination, as long as it doesn’t contain aerosols. Aerosols are a pressurized and therefore highly flammable or combustible. As a result, these items are prohibited from traveling on any international flights, and can’t be shipped overseas under any circumstances. So, if you’re looking to ship spray-on hair dye to a foreign country, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

This said, most hair dyes don’t contain aerosols at all! Most dye are simply liquid mixtures, and these types of dyes usually don’t contain any hazardous materials whatsoever. If that’s the case for you, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just make sure you fill out the customs form as accurately as you can when making your labels!

Learn more about shipping aerosols with USPS.

Check the Individual Country Listings Before You Ship

Although most common hair dyes don’t contain hazardous materials, you should still do research on the country you’re shipping to before you attempt to send your package off. Every country has different shipping restrictions on imported items, and some countries’ restrictions on items might surprise you. Therefore, it always makes sense to double-check before you spend money on an international shipping label…or worse, send a package that comes back to you!

To see the items that each country restricts and prohibits, check the USPS Individual Country Listings page.

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