Can You Ship Wall-Powered Devices with USPS?

You can ship wall-powered devices with any USPS service, but you may need to follow a different process if they also contain lithium ion batteries
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Wall-powered devices like hair dryers, hair straighteners, and chargers are super common items to ship, and you can use USPS to send them without any problems! That said, USPS may restrict you to ground service if your devices also contain lithium ion batteries.

Do Your Wall-Powered Devices Also Contain Lithium Ion Batteries?

It’s kind of a rare case, but some items that plug into an outlet also come with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. After all, the batteries have to get their charge from somewhere: the wall outlet!

Shipping lithium ion batteries isn’t as straightforward as putting the items in a box, paying for a label, and calling it a day. In the event that your wall-powered devices also contain lithium ion batteries, you’ll need to consider a couple of different routes.

If the Lithium Ion Batteries are Inside the Equipment they Power…

If your batteries are inside of the equipment they power, you’re good to use any USPS mail class you like. You’ll just need to affix this UN3481 label to the outside of your package. One example of a product that contains lithium ion batteries inside of it is a laptop, since you’d need to break it open to access the rechargeable battery.

If the Lithium Ion Batteries are Not Included in the Equipment they Power…

For items that don’t contain the lithium ion batteries inside, USPS will restrict you to ground transportation only. That means either Retail Ground or Parcel Select Ground (if you use shipping software, which we’re about to get to). On the outside of your package, you’ll need to affix this UN3480 label.

For some examples of products that don’t contain the batteries inside of them, think items like electric drills and analog cameras, where the batteries are detachable.

Use Shipping Software to Save the Most Money on All USPS Shipping Labels

Regardless of which USPS service you opt to use based on the product you’re shipping, you’re going to want to save the most money possible on postage. How do you do that, you might ask? The answer is simple: don’t go to the Post Office! Instead, use shipping software to buy discounted USPS postage online.

When you buy labels with shipping software, you’re not just giving yourself the chance to skip the lines at the Post Office and print your own postage at home. You’re also going to get hooked up with discounts. Fat discounts. In fact, these levels of USPS discounts are typically reserved for huge shippers sending over 50,000 packages a year. However, shipping software companies give you access to the same level of savings as soon as you sign up! So, in a nutshell, shipping software helps you save two of most precious commodities in your life: time, and money.

If you’d like to read recommendations for shipping software written by shippers like you, check out our Reviews page!

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