Does USPS Ship to Every Country in the World?

USPS ships to almost every country in the world, but there are five sanctioned countries for which shippers need to obtain export licenses
ship to every country in the world with USPS except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria
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USPS ships to nearly every country in the world. However, there are a few sanctioned countries that USPS shippers cannot send items to without the proper approval. If you would like to ship internationally with USPS to any of these countries, you will need to obtain the proper export license that corresponds with the country—either BIS, or OFAC.

The Countries USPS Does Not Ship To

We’ve included the short list of countries that USPS does not ship to below. In parenthesis are the types of export licenses that you’ll need to obtain in order to ship to each country, respectively.

  • Cuba (BIS)
  • Iran (OFAC)
  • North Korea (BIS)
  • Sudan (OFAC)
  • Syria (BIS)

In case you were wondering, “BIS” stands for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security. “OFAC” stands for the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Pro Tip: Note that for every other country in the world that USPS ship to, these types of export licenses are not required. You’ll be set with filling out customs forms. If your goods are valued at $2,500 or greater, you’ll also need to submit an AES export filing.

How Do I Apply for an Export License?

The application process differs slightly for the two types of export license. Here are the steps you can take for to apply for both BIS and OFAC licenses:

  • BIS – Apply online for a license here.
    • You’ll first need to create a SNAP-R account in order to submit an application
    • If you have questions regarding export controls and requirements, you can also call the BIS Office of Exporter Services at 202-482-4811
  • OFAC – Apply online for a license here.
    • You may also send a letter providing a detailed description of the proposed transaction, including the names and addresses of all individuals and companies involved. Send this letter to:
      • WASHINGTON, DC 20220-0002
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