How Can I Weigh Packages at Home?

Some recommendations for weighing packages at home
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“How can I weigh packages at home?” is one of the most common questions we hear from beginning shippers. To be honest, you can weigh packages on any scale—even a kitchen scale—as long as it gives accurate measurements to the nearest ounce. However, if you really want to weigh packages like a pro, we recommend springing for a shipping scale.

Why Should I Use a Shipping Scale to Weigh Packages?

Shipping scales are the most accurate way to weigh packages down to the nearest ounce. Since package weight often determines the price of postage, it’s crucial to weigh your packages accurately when you buy postage online with shipping software.

Our Recommendations

Accutek All-in-1 Series

This shipping scale is the cheapest, most versatile option we’ve seen. It’s portable, can run on batteries, and can weigh up to 50lbs.

Weighmax W-2809 Stainless Steel Scale

If you feel like spending a few more dollars, this stainless steel scale from Weighmax is a nice option. It has a capacity of up to 90lbs and it’s a bit more durable than the Accuteck All-in-1. Not that you should be abusing your shipping scale…but you get the point.

Acccutek ShipPro 110lbs

This scale is our top choice. The ShipPro can weigh up to 110lbs, and it’s much more durable than the Accutek All-in-1. It’s perfect for warehouse & office environments, making it the shipping scale of choice for thousands of E-commerce business owners.

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