How Many Postmasters General Has USPS Had?

Learn about the position of Postmaster General, how many there have been, and how much money they make
Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General

Since Benjamin Franklin became our country’s first Postmaster General in 1775, there have been 74 individuals who filled this position. When you look into the length of the terms, you’ll notice that some individuals served particularly longer than others. If you’re curious to learn the names of every single Postmaster General and the date they took office, check out this full list that USPS published.

Who is the Current Postmaster General?

Our current and 74th Postmaster General is Megan Brennan, who started her carrier as a letter carrier in 1986 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her predecessor was Patrick R. Donahue, who served from December 6, 2010 until the date Megan Brennan began her term.

Want to Hear a Fun Financial Fact?

Break out your checkbooks, because if you’re serving as Postmaster General, you’re making some serious cash. Records show that in 2017, base salary for Postmaster General base salary started at $287,620—and that was without bonuses or incentive payouts. Considering the average federal salary hovers at around $81,000, that’s a pretty large chunk of change! In fact, Postmaster General is the second-highest paid U.S. government position. What’s the first, you ask? Oh, probably no one you’ve heard of…just The President of the United States.

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