How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Postcard?

Learn about the cost of mailing a postcard compared to buying a Forever stamp for First-Class Mail (as of 2021)
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If you’re in the old-fashioned (but charming) habit of sending postcards, you may be wondering if you can use a Forever stamp to send a postcard at First-Class Mail rates. While there’s technically nothing stopping you from doing this, think twice before you do! Th fact is, it actually costs less to mail a postcard than sending a regular letter.

Mailing a Postcard is Cheaper than Sending a Letter via First-Class Mail

As of the time of publishing this article, it only costs 40 cents to mail a postcard anywhere in the United States. Compare that to the current cost of Forever Stamps at 58 cents, and you’re looking at an 18-cent savings by buying the right kind of postage. If you’re sending out multiple postcards or buying a roll or two, those savings make a difference over time!

Sending a Postcard Internationally

While mailing a postcard is cheaper in the United States than sending a letter, mailing one internationally is a bit of a different story. In this case, you’ll shell out $1.30 to send your postcard anywhere in the world, which is the current cost of USPS Global Forever stamps. It doesn’t matter you’re sending a letter or postcard; when it comes to international mail, you’ll pay the same rate for either one.

Can You Get Cheaper Postcard Stamps on Shipping Software?

Since you can get much cheaper shipping rates by using shipping software to buy discounted postage online, people often wonder if you can also get cheaper stamps (both Postcard and First-Class Mail) by following the same process. Unfortunately, the answer is no; there aren’t any shipping software companies out there that offer cheaper postcard stamps than 40 cents each. So, when it’s time to pick up stamps and send a postcard, you’re better off visiting your local Post Office for that!

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