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Board of Governors Adopts USPS Mission Statement

USPS Board of Governors adopts official mission statement for the organization for the first time in United States history

For the first time in the organization’s history, the Board of Governors has adopted an official mission statement for USPS. The statement describes the Postal Service’s history, its duties, and its status as an essential part of federal government. In it, USPS promises universal service for all Americans, affordability, and a commitment to use evolving technology.

USPS Has Never Actually Had a Mission Statement…Until Now

Contrary to popular belief, USPS has actually never had a mission statement. Many mistakenly believed the following slogan was the organization’s official mission statement:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

In reality, this popular saying was only a motto, and not a mission statement.

So, What Does it Say?

The new USPS mission statement contains three main points, as well as descriptions of how USPS will meet its mission. According to the statement, USPS will continue its commitment to:

  • Serve the American people and, through the universal service obligation, bind our nation together by maintaining and operating our unique, vital and resilient infrastructure
  • Provide trusted, safe and secure communications and services between our Government and the American people, businesses and their customers, and the American people with each other
  • Serve all areas of our nation, making full use of evolving technologies

To read the full mission statement, visit the USPS website.

This New Public Declaration May Be a Response to a Recent Wave of Worry

As it reads, the new USPS mission statement is something to be celebrated, since it solidifies the organization’s commitment to affordability and universal service for all Americans. However, some postal insiders believe that this, in fact, may be a direct response to a wave of recent worry. Since Louis DeJoy became the new Postmaster General and Ronald Stroman resigned as Deputy Postmaster General, some have expressed fear that President Trump is exerting his influence to drastically change the Postal Service. After all, Trump has long advocated privatizing the Postal Service and raising prices to generate more revenue.

Increasing prices for competitive products such as package services would undoubtedly increase the Postal Service’s margins. However, privatizing the Postal Service would ultimately do more harm to small businesses relying on USPS than good. Hopefully this new mission statement is a true indication of the Board of Governors’ commitment to keep USPS affordable and universal for all Americans, like it always has been since its inception in 1775.

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