Brazil experiences delays on inbound mail
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Brazil Experiences Delays on Inbound Mail and Parcels

Brazil Post experiencing long delays on inbound mail and parcels due to unprecedented volume; hopes to resolve by February

If you’ve sent a package to Brazil recently, there is a good chance that your recipient hasn’t gotten it yet. Brazil is experiencing long delays on inbound mail and parcels due to significant increases in import volume. The higher import volume is no doubt a result of growing demand for eCommerce packages, since international shipping is now growing at unprecedented rates.

This Doesn’t Have Too Much To Do With Brazil’s New Customs Requirements

At the start of this year, Brazil Post instituted new customs requirements for inbound packages. These new protocols require Brazilian citizens to provide their Tax ID numbers in order to receive packages from foreign shippers. Naturally, some Brazilians have failed to provide this information so far. However, this wouldn’t have a direct impact on the long delays that Brazil Post is now faced with. The delays are simply a result of too much package volume at once. In fact, inbound mail and parcel volume to Brazil was 56% higher in December 2019 than the same period in 2018.

Brazil Post Expects the Inbound Mail Delays to Resolve by Late February

USPS liaisons reached out to Brazil Post late last week to investigate the cause of the delays. In the response received yesterday, representatives from Brazil Post said the following:

“This unexpected high volumes associated with some technical transmission issues have generated an impact on the treatment and information exchange of some items. However, due to some contingency actions implemented by our operational area, the forecast for the complete regularization of these issues is the second half of February.”

Therefore, we estimate that Brazil Post’s operations will normalize by the end of Quarter 1, at the latest.

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