Cyber Monday 2020
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Cyber Monday 2020 Shatters eCommerce Records

Online shoppers shell out for $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday 2020, shattering previous records and spelling a frenzied holiday season for shipping carriers

Cyber Monday 2020 has officially clocked in as the largest online shopping day in United States history. According to a report by Adobe Analytics, online shoppers spent $10.8 billion dollars online this year, shattering all eCommerce records previously set in the United States. For context, 2019’s Cyber Monday brought in a (then) record of $9.4 billion dollars in sales. This year eclipsed that amount by roughly $1.4 billion dollars, marking a nearly 15% increase from last year.

Recapping Cyber Monday 2020

For its report, Adobe analyzed data from 80 of the top 100 United States online retailers. The record-breaking $10.8 billion figure, while impressive, fell short of Adobe’s original forecast of $12.7 billion. The firm had revised its estimates downwards in the days leading up to Cyber Monday, taking into account that consumers generally started their holiday shopping earlier this year than normal. Even still, Cyber Monday 2020 figures marked a huge jump from 2019, and still ended up as the biggest eCommerce day ever in the United States.

Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights, weighed in on this year’s Cyber Monday figures, and how these record-breaking numbers may continue through the holidays:

“Cyber Monday continued to dominate the holiday shopping season, becoming the biggest online shopping day in US history, despite early discounts from retailers,” she said. “Throughout the remainder of the holiday season, we expect to see record sales continue and curbside pickup to gain even more momentum as shoppers avoid crowds and potential shipping delays.”

Big Shopping Means Big Shipping

Obviously, these mammoth sales numbers equate to a mammoth amount of shipments for the major shipping carriers. Year over year, it seems that delivery infrastructure has shaped up to be one of the most critical aspects of the world economy. Since the beginning of 2020, UPS and FedEx have each hired hundreds of thousands of workers to keep up with increased volume, mostly in the delivery space. The more packages that enter into the carriers’ systems, the more manpower carriers need. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand…and if this year’s Cyber Monday is any indication, package demand is nowhere near slowing down anytime soon.

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