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Does the Government Shutdown Affect USPS?

Rest easy: the longest government shutdown in United States history does not affect USPS

As I publish this piece, we are on day 25 of the longest government shutdown in United States history. Over 800,000 government workers have gone this entire time without pay, and unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. Over the past four weeks, people have been asking us if the continuing government shutdown will affect (or has already affected) the US Postal Service. Let’s set the story straight.

Yes, You Will Still Get Your Mail During the Government Shutdown

You will still receive all your mail during the government shutdown (if you haven’t noticed already). You will also still be able to use USPS’ shipping services. How come, you ask? Contrary to popular belief, the United States Postal Service doesn’t receive federal funding (although it is federally regulated). Instead, it generates all of its revenue through the sale of postage, products, and shipping services. Therefore, all of USPS will continue to remain operational during the shutdown, including all of the nation’s Post Offices.

When is the Government Going to Re-Open?

That’s the million dollar question, and your guess is as good as any. The ugly truth is, nobody knows. President Trump is adamantly holding his ground on the border wall, and doesn’t seem to be willing to budge even an inch. Only time will tell.

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