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eBay’s Own Fulfillment Network to Roll Out in 2020

eBay is planning on rolling out "Managed Delivery" in 2020 to deliver orders more quickly and cheaper for the platform's sellers

eBay is about to give itself a much-needed makeover…at least in the eyes of the platform’s sellers. In 2020, the eCommerce veteran company will roll out their own fulfillment network called “Managed Delivery.” Squaring up against competitors such as Fulfilled by Amazon, eBay’s own fulfillment network will make it easy for their sellers to store goods and deliver orders quickly to anywhere in the country.

The Big Idea Behind eBay’s Own Fulfillment Network

Developing a built-in fulfillment network for their sellers is all part of eBay’s turnaround strategy. Currently, eBay takes a more “hands-off” approach to delivering goods that buyers order on the website. Instead, eBay leaves shipping up to its merchants to decide. That’s why buying discounted postage with online shipping software is popular amongst eBay sellers. However, the downside here is that fulfillment is left to the sellers themselves…which can result in inconsistent delivery times.

With Managed Delivery, sellers will be able to take advantage of fulfillment and shipping services at heavily discounted rates that eBay has negotiated with logistics partners.

eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig weighed in on the importance of the company developing its own built-in fulfillment network.

“We’re offering our millions of sellers a value proposition no one else can,” said Wenig. “We’ll rapidly win market share overseeing delivery of our own orders.”

Currently, there are over 25 million sellers on eBay. We can only imagine how many of those sellers will take advantage of Managed Delivery when eBay rolls out its own fulfillment network next year.

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