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Former USPS CMO Joins Visible Supply Chain Management

Former Chief Marketing Officer of US Postal Service Jim Cochrane joins Visible's Board of Directors, company continues to lead fulfillment for small businesses

A former USPS executive is making major moves! Yesterday, Visible Supply Chain Management announced that former USPS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Cochrane has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Cochrane will support the company’s vision as it keeps disrupting the supply chain industry in the rapidly shifting eCommerce marketplace.

Jim Cochrane’s Background

Prior to joining Visible, Cochrane served as the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for the US Postal Service. Before that position, he also served as Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President. In that role, Cochrane spearheaded the development of technology innovations that USPS still uses to this day, such as implementing the tracking barcodes on shipping labels that workers can scan easily.

Jim Cochrane’s footprint at USPS extends far beyond the Intelligent Mail barcodes. He and his team also spearheaded the advancement of payment technology, secure digital solutions, and corporate information security.

Cochrane’s track record of innovation should prove valuable to Visible, and he appears quite excited about joining the Board.

“Joining a company as dynamic and growth-oriented as Visible is an exciting venture for me. Visible is laser-focused on the future of eCommerce, reinventing themselves and finding new channels and segments,” Cochrane said. “The marketplace is going through tremendous changes right now, and Visible is at the forefront of innovation.”

A Peek Into Visible Supply Chain Management

Have you ever heard of Visible Supply Chain Management? Even if you haven’t, you’ve likely encountered them. Visible is the leading fulfillment and logistics service provider for small to medium-size businesses (also known as SMB’s) in the United States. They provide transportation, fulfillment, logistics, and brokerage services. Visible also even offers custom packaging solutions for clients.

Visible is poised to open their new R&D warehouse this Fall. The company plans on utilizing the warehouse to collect data and experiment with new supply chain technologies. Other future developments also include opening a new packaging plant, as well as implementing a new API to improve their clients’ experience.

For more information, head over to Visible’s website.

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