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Hurricane Dorian Halts Mail Delivery in the East

Hurricane Dorian batters East Coat, forcing US Postal Service to suspend mail delivery

Hurricane Dorian’s path along the Eastern Seaboard continues, and it is affecting USPS’ mail delivery schedule. First, Dorian battered itself against the Southeast United States, hitting Florida most intensely. This forced USPS to halt mail delivery in several parts of the state over the past week. Now, as the hurricane moves higher in latitude, residents in states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, and others may also experience mail delays.

USPS Typically Halts Mail Delivery During Natural Disasters Like Dorian

This isn’t the first time that the US Postal Service has put a stop to operations because of unsafe weather. Back in February of 2019, USPS suspended mail delivery in several states due to extreme cold in the Midwest. The Postal Service places its employees’ safety of the utmost importance, and we agree with this sentiment. Reasonably, letter carriers shouldn’t deliver the mail in dangerous weather conditions.

Thankfully, mail operations usually only suspend for a couple of days or so whenever things like this happen. This will also be the case once Dorian dissipates.

If Florida Was Hit the Hardest, How Does It Affect Me?

While Dorian forced USPS to halt mail delivery mostly in Florida, residents in other states may also be affected. This is because the entirety of USPS’ operations rely on distribution centers. These distribution centers collect and sort mail for delivery in what USPS refers to as Areas. For example, USPS’ Eastern Area (overseen by Angela Curtis) consists of states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and more.  One of USPS’ major distribution centers for the Eastern Area is located in West Palm Beach Florida, which is right in ground zero of where Dorian hit the hardest.

When Will Mail Delivery Resume?

While Dorian has caused delays across several states for the past few days, residents of the Southeast and Eastern United States should expect mail operations to resume shortly. Weather forecasters expect Hurricane Dorian to cease throughout the next few days, which will allow USPS to spring back into action in no time.

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