UPS bans vaping products in the US network
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UPS Bans Vaping Products in the U.S. Network

UPS bans e-cigarettes and vaping products within its US network; USPS may provide limited alternatives to shippers

UPS is the latest carrier to weigh in on electronic cigarettes and the ability to ship them. Effective on April 5, 2021, UPS will no longer transport any sort of vaping products within the carrier’s United States network. As a result, UPS will also cancel all business accounts dedicated to shipping these products on the same date (April 5). In this case, this ban also includes imports and exports—shipments entering and exiting the United States, respectively.

What Defines a “Vaping Product”

According to UPS, a “Vaping Product” means:

“Any product intended for human consumption by inhalation that relies on vaporization or aerosolization.”

Such products include but are not limited to: e-liquid, electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic cigarillos, electronic pipes, electronic vaping product delivery pens, hookah pens, and any other similar devices that rely on vaporization or aerosolization.

Despite the UPS Ban, USPS May Be More Lenient

While UPS allowed for the shipment of vaping products for a while, federal and state laws around these items are rapidly evolving. After all, they only entered the public marketplace less than several years ago. As such, it’s not surprising that UPS has decided to prohibit these items from being transported within the United States network altogether.

In a letter sent to all UPS partners, the company said the following:

“Shipment of Vaping Products (as with any prohibited shipment) will be subject to a $150 per package Prohibited Item Fee pursuant to the UPS Rate and Service Guide. Violation of UPS policy against shipment of Vaping Products could lead to further consequences including termination of service.”

While UPS won’t allow shippers to send these items in their US network anymore, USPS may provide an alternative. Even so, shippers can only send cigarettes via USPS in very limited circumstances. In addition, since e-cigarettes and vaping products typically contain lithium ion batteries, these shipments will be subject to additional regulations for transport.

Learn more about shipping cigarettes with USPS.

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