Can I Ship Beer and Wine?

Shipping beer and wine is legal in the United States, just not through the US Postal Service
ship beer and wine
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“Can I Ship Beer and Wine?” is one of the most common questions people ask us. Believe it or not, even though alcohol falls in the list of items prohibited by USPS, the answer is YES! You are able to ship beer and wine in the United States…you just can’t use USPS, unless you want to get charged with committing a federal offense. Trust us when we say that you don’t want that to happen.

Which Carriers Can I Use to Ship Beer and Wine?

Since USPS prohibits it, you’ll be limited to either shipping with UPS or FedEx if you want to ship alcohol. However, just because UPS and FedEx allow you to ship booze doesn’t mean they make it easy. On top of obtaining a valid alcohol shipping license, you’ll need to sign agreements with both carriers and use specific labeling on your package.

You can read about all the proper steps you’ll need to take in our comprehensive guide on how to ship alcohol.

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