Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Federal Express (aka FedEx) is one of the largest private shipping companies in the world. In fact, it was the world’s very first overnight delivery service! Today, their core competency continues to be overnight shipping and urgent delivery. On average, FedEx ships about 13 million documents and packages spanning 220 countries on a single day. That’s pretty good for a company once saved from the brink of bankruptcy with blackjack winnings!


Generally speaking, FedEx should be the shipping carrier you choose if you’re looking for delivery to commercial addresses or for shipping niche items. Their speciality is commercial address shipping, urgent or emergency delivery, and shipping perishable items. That said, FedEx tends to be on the pricier side. However, they are undoubtedly your best option if you’re in a pinch to get something delivered ASAP, or if you’re shipping something like frozen pre-packaged meals. They also offer next-flight out shipping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you ever find yourself in an emergency shipping scenario.


  • Quickest delivery speed of any carrier
  • Excellent choice for shipping frozen food and perishable items
  • Emergency next-flight shipping available 24/7
  • You can take advantage of postage discounts by using shipping software
  • Packing and shipping services offered at every FedEx Office
    • These locations also offer general office services such as printing, copying, and scanning documents
  • Schedule a pickup from your home or warehouse

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  1. John c

    I have had two deliveries in the last week and fedex lost both of them. They claim they delivered them but on the last one I saw the driver drive past my home without even stopping. Worst service I have ever seen. I now request ups for all of my deliveries

  2. Gerald Kasper

    I was supposed to receive a package from Amazon on June 16. It never arrived. Fedex claims it was delivered to my back door and provided pictures. Problem is the house in the pictures is not mine. I contacted fedex and only got the runaround. When I asked to speak to a customer service representative I was told since my shipment was sent smart post only the shipper could ask to speak to customer service and ask for a trace. They will not take responsibility for what is clearly their fault.

  3. Mark

    Another horrid experience with Fedex . I can’t figure out who is worse the driver or customer service. Multiple calls resulted in exactly no action. Finally, I drove to Northlake and took care of it myself because the 800 number people are too incompetent.

  4. James

    I really don’t know how educated you need to be to be able to deliver packages working at FEDEX. My brother is a Semi-Driver for them and he says the same thing when it comes to delivery drivers. A bunch of lazy a** drivers who could care less about customer service.

    I had a small package delivered this morning and I clearly have a BIG a** Ring Dorrbell on my front door (can’t miss it plus it says that on my account to ring doorbell prior to just walking off).

    This idiot driver shows up drops off package and literally looks into the Ring doorbell and turns around and rings my other house doorbell that doesn’t even work and walks away.

    How STUPID can people be. They are not in that big of a hurry to not care, but god for bid it that package was theirs. Both FEDEX and UPS are full of CRAP…..

  5. Tim

    1-3 day delivery promised. It has been in or local facility in Calgary since day 2. The morning of day 5 we offered to pick it up and we’re told we can’t because it was out for delivery. Now in the evening of day 5 we have been told we have to pick it up, but the facility is closed. I have dealt with shipping companies for 35 years, and have NEVER encountered one more incompetent than FedEx!

  6. Karl olson

    Consistent horrible service. Claim we were not home, we were home and we left our phone number on the front door of the building with apt number and phone
    service is consistently poor and drivers uncaring.

  7. Bill

    FedEx is horrible! 2 out of three deliveries lost and/or damaged in 2 weeks! This company better get its act and people together before they go bankrupt! By the looks of the most recent reviews, it seems to be a trend. Hold your people accountable Fedex! Don’t be pandering pu$$!es!

  8. Yuri

    FedEx customer service is beyond awful. Called 5 times. All 5 reps provided completely different information. Had been disconnected several times, transferred to the wrong departments. Not helpful at all.

  9. Jessica

    Never delivers on time! And when the package contains $20,000 plus in medicine that MUST be refrigerated, that’s a BIG deal! And customer service is not very helpful either. They all tell you something different!

  10. Sam54321

    Well, we all know how bad FedEx service — particularly FedEx ground — is. That’s certain, documented, and no longer in question. And, they seem no longer to care; they “give good phone,” but actually do poorly. So, what is one to do? Let’s all help ourselves while we send a message to FedEx that they will finally hear. My company just closed its FedEx account, and opened accounts with both UPS and DHL. To my pleasant surprise, they a) do MUCH better delivering, including both ground and air service, and b) have VERY convenient drop-off locations AND offices!

  11. Juliana T.

    I didn’t even know emergency next-flight delivery existed! So cool!!

  12. Roy

    Can’t tell you how many times FedEx has saved me when I needed something delivered overnight.

  13. Natalie

    I live across the street from a FedEx office so all I do is walk over, and it’s super convenient. They’ve done everything for me there from printing photos, binding documents, and shipping letters/packages overnight. The prices are kind of high for overnight shipping but it’s always reliable!


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