Maximum Shipping Weight for USPS, UPS, & FedEx

Learn about the maximum amount of weight per package for each of the major carriers in the United States
maximum shipping weight for each carrier
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The maximum weight you’re allowed per package depends on the major carrier you choose to ship with…and sometimes, different services within each carrier’s network also have maximum weights. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to how heavy your packages can be with each of the three major carriers!

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USPS Maximum Shipping Weight

The US Postal Service has the most complex weight limits out of all the major carriers, and different USPS shipping services each have different weight limits. We’ve listed those below:

  • First Class Package Service: 15.99 ounces with Commercial Pricing rates
    • Weight limit for First Class Package at the Post Office or online with USPS Click N’ Ship is 13 ounces
  • Weight-based Priority Mail: 70 pounds
    • Weight limit for all Priority Mail sub-services (such as Priority Mail Flat Rate and Regional Rate) is also 70 pounds
  • Dimension-based Priority Mail Cubic*: 20 pounds
  • Priority Mail Express: 70 pounds
  • Parcel Select Ground: 70 pounds
  • Media Mail: 70 pounds

*USPS Priority Mail Cubic (or “Cubic,” for short) is a specially-discounted sub-service of Priority Mail. With this service, the cost of shipping your package depends on your package’s outer dimensions, and not its weight. This makes Cubic one of the most popular services for sending smaller, heavier packages up to 20 pounds, since total package weight doesn’t affect the price at all!

Note: You can only access Priority Mail Cubic rates with certain online shipping software solutions.

UPS Maximum Shipping Weight

No matter which UPS service you use, you can send up to 150 pounds per package. Keep in mind that Additional Handling surcharges may apply for heavier shipments, as well as surcharges based on the destination where you’re shipping to.

FedEx Maximum Shipping Weight

Similar to UPS, FedEx allows up to 150 pounds per individual package. Like UPS, your heavier shipment may be subject to certain surcharges such as Additional Handling.

Which Carrier is Best for Sending Heavier Packages?

Far away, one carriers beats the others when it comes to sending heavier, oversized packages…and that’s UPS. While UPS and FedEx both allow you to send individual packages weighing up to 150 pounds, UPS will always offer the cheaper rates out of the two. However, beware of those Additional Handling surcharges like we talked about! UPS has been known to tack those on top of the cost of postage in a lot of cases after you purchase postage online, which ultimately makes shipping much more expensive than they initially advertise. That said, FedEx does the same exact thing, too.

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