Can I Get Signature Confirmation for International Shipments?

Learn which of the major carriers offer optional signature confirmation service for international deliveries
Signature Confirmation for international shipments
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Sending a package overseas can be nerve-racking! When it comes to international shipping, your packages arrive without a hitch most times. However, every so often you may have no idea where your package is once it reaches your destination country’s borders; other times, packages get lost to the void forever. One way to give yourself peace of mind is to add signature confirmation service upon delivery of your package. However, whether you can get signature confirmation for international shipments depends on the shipping carrier you choose.

Which Carriers Offer Signature Confirmation for International Shipments?

Between USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, we’ve listed out which carriers offer signature confirmation service for international shipments below.


Unfortunately, while USPS offers the cheapest international rates out of the three major carriers in the United States, it doesn’t offer signature confirmation service for any of their international services. So, if you need this service for your international shipment, you’ll need to forgo shipping with USPS.


UPS offers optional signature confirmation for all of their domestic and international services. You can choose the type of signature confirmation you get from the following three options:

  • Delivery Confirmation: UPS provides confirmation of delivery without the recipient’s signature (this is only available for shipping within Canada, so US-based shippers shouldn’t worry about this one).
  • Signature Required: UPS obtains the recipient’s signature and provides you, the shipper, with a printed copy. You can also view the recipient’s signature online by typing in your tracking number into the UPS portal.
  • Adult Signature Required: UPS obtains the adult recipient’s signature and provides you with a printed copy. Similar to the Signature Required service, you can also view the recipient’s signature online.

One thing to note: for obtaining the “Adult Signature,” that adult must be at least 21 years of age for everywhere except Canada. For Canadian shipments, they only need to be 19.


Like UPS, FedEx offers different signature confirmation services based on the following three options:

  • Indirect Signature Required: FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address or from somebody nearby (like a neighbor or building manager). With this service, the recipient has the option to authorize FedEx to release the shipment without anyone present.
  • Adult Signature Required: FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address who is at least the age of majority (aka no longer a minor) in the destination country. Recipients must present a form of government-issued photo identification or other identification customarily accepted by local authorities. If there is no eligible recipient at the address, FedEx can reattempt the delivery.
  • Direct Signature Required: Someone at the recipient’s address must sign for the delivery. Direct signature deliveries are made to the address on the mailing label, not to an individual recipient. If no one is present at the address at the time of delivery, FedEx may reattempt the delivery.


DHL offers one signature confirmation service that they call Direct Signature. With this service, DHL obtains a direct signature from the consignee or a representative at the delivery address. By paying for Direct Signature, you ensure that DHL doesn’t redirect your shipment or deliver it to an alternative address.

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