USPS aims to reduce emissions significantly by 2030
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USPS Aims to Reduce Emissions Significantly by 2030

Postal Service lays out new strategies to reduce its carbon footprint through cost-cutting measures in the agency's 10-year "Delivering for America" plan

USPS announced on Tuesday that it is aiming to reduce emissions by 2030 through cost-cutting measures that will result in a greener footprint. According to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, USPS aims to achieve a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as well as a 20% reduction in indirect emissions resulting from its business operations.

The Goals to Reduce USPS Emissions Align with the Agency’s 10-Year “Delivering for America” Plan

Per Postmaster General DeJoy and USPS leadership, the agency’s ongoing efforts to reduce operating costs will result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and the new goals for a lighter carbon footprint align with the organization’s ten-year plan to achieve financial sustainability (otherwise known as the “Delivering for America” plan).

First announced in 2021, the “Delivering for America” plan aims to reduce the agency’s operating costs by $5 billion through initiatives such as consolidating its competitive package services (as USPS did by introducing USPS Ground Advantage service while eliminating First Class Package and Retail/Parcel Select Ground), aggregating mail and packages in fewer facilities, moving mail regionally, using less air travel, modernizing sorting and distribution facilities, and more.

Speaking on how these cost-cutting initiatives will result in fewer carbon emissions, Postmaster General DeJoy provided the following quote:

“The improvements we need to achieve in sustainability are an integral outgrowth of the broader modernization efforts we have undertaken through our 10-year Delivering for America plan. As we transform our operating processes and invest in new automation, new technologies, and upgraded facilities and vehicles, we will generate significant efficiencies that reduce our costs, minimize waste across all functions of our operations and slash our carbon footprint.”

Other Goals In Addition to Reducing Direct & Indirect Emissions

In addition to streamlining operations, USPS announced that it is aiming to:

  • Divert 75% of its waste away from landfills
  • Ensure that 74% of its packaging comes from recycled content
  • Increase the recyclability of all USPS packages to 88%
  • Increase its renewable energy use to 10% of the agency’s consumption

On a broader level, USPS also pledged to increase environmental awareness across the organization. Namely, USPS leadership said the agency would invest in environmental education and training programs for its 640,000 employees, as well as implement initiatives to ensure that USPS employees incorporate new policy requirements into their operations.

USPS Will Also Begin Rolling Out a New Fleet of Electric Delivery Vehicles

Lastly, USPS will make further strides to electrify its fleet of delivery vans. Starting in 2024, the Postal Service said it will add at least 66,000 battery electric-powered delivery vehicles to its fleet. This total figure will reportedly be made up of 21,000 commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electric delivery vehicles and 45,000 battery-electric Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs).

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    Spending yi reduce costs. EVs are very orucy, not yet proven yo work 200% as touted by makers. Recycled materials are a giid start and consudation as well.

    Just need to rethink EVs. Bad decision in my opinion.


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