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USPS Can Handle All Mail-In Voting Ballots This Year

Despite media reports that USPS can't handle extra mail volume, the increase of mail-in voting ballots for this year's election won't cripple the system

As the 2020 election approaches, all eyes are on USPS. Mail-in voting will be more crucial to this year’s election than any before. However, vote-by-mail is a controversial topic, and the media has created a perfect storm around it. Some Democrats hail mail-in voting as crucial to our democracy; some Republicans decry it. President Trump has claimed the vote-by-mail process breeds fraudulent votes, and that it should be curbed. Protestors even gathered outside of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s home demanding that he resign after he announced major changes to the USPS network, such as the removal of sorting machines and the elimination of overtime. DeJoy then backtracked on instituting these changes to USPS until after election day, in an attempt to assuage fears around the election. All the while, Americans wonder if USPS can handle the enormous number of mail-in ballots, and if their vote will truly make a difference.

Spoiler alert: USPS can, and your vote does.

USPS Infrastructure Can Handle This Year’s Mail-In Ballots, Despite Media Reports

Americans shouldn’t believe any reports claiming that USPS can’t handle the mail-in voting volume. The truth is, if every citizen casts a ballot via mail this year, it wouldn’t even move the needle. Here’s why: let’s say every voting-age American citizen votes by mail in this election. That would inject roughly 209 million ballots into the USPS mail stream. While this may seem like a high surge, it’s really only a drop in the bucket compared to what USPS is used to handling every single day. On a typical business day, USPS already processes and delivers 181.9 million pieces of First-Class Mail. Therefore, a little over 200 million extra ballots over the course of a couple of months isn’t all that much.

It’s also worth mentioning that compared to holiday volumes, the number of ballots for this year’s election are largely insignificant. According to the USPS blog, the Postal Service processed more than 1.3 billion holiday greeting cards in the fiscal year that ended September 30, 2018. That’s billion, with a B. If the Postal Service can handle and deliver 1.3 billion holiday mail pieces, it can certainly handle 209 million ballots.

No, USPS Isn’t Extorting States to Make Extra Money

With all the conflicting reports swirling around in the media, some citizens are under the impression that USPS is using the higher number of vote-by-mail ballots in this year’s election to extort more money from states. However, this assumption is, once again, simply untrue.

Typically, states’ election departments send advertisements out as Marketing Mail. Costing only 20 cents per mail piece, Marketing Mail is a non-profit service which has a longer delivery standard. Oftentimes, states also send ballots as Marketing Mail, instead of First-Class Mail for 55 cents each. Marketing Mail takes much longer for delivery than First-Class Mail does. So, if a state mails out ballots mere days before the election, sending them as Marketing Mail simply won’t allow for these ballots to delivered and counted on time. USPS is now contacting election departments as a way of making them aware of these two different services. People have misconstrued this communication as “USPS can’t handle it,” and states have gone as far as to search for alternatives to the Postal Service for sending out ballots this year.

The truth is, nothing has changed about the mail-in voting process. USPS has delivered these messages to election officials ever since it introduced mail-in absentee ballots during the Civil War. Right now, it’s only a big deal now because USPS happens to be in the spotlight.

What About the New Postmaster General?

Speaking of the spotlight: new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has seen a lot of it recently. A lot of media outlets have reported that DeJoy is deliberately trying to derail USPS, and Democrats continue to push this (false) narrative. Democrats have accused DeJoy of significantly changing operations before the election, which they believe is a strategic move to ensure President Trump gets reelected. While his political affiliations are indeed Republican, the allegations that DeJoy is deliberately sabotaging USPS are unfounded. In actuality, the USPS Board of Governors elected DeJoy to the role of Postmaster General, not President Trump. Not to mention, the Board of Governors is a bi-partisan group comprised of both Democrats and Republicans.

The fact of the matter is, DeJoy took over USPS at the height of its cash crisis caused by unfair pre-funding legislation. Like any CEO, he’s coming in and shaking up the executive leadership to fix problems he sees. However, when one looks at the facts, the new Postmaster General seems to be doing everything in his power to ensure the 2020 election is a fair one, and that every American has a chance to cast a vote via the mail.

Registered to vote, but need to request an absentee ballot for this year’s election? Visit the Absentee and Early Voting website to get started.

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  1. Sharon Ruth Sullivan

    Who is responsible for blaming democrats for what the Trump appointed PMG is doing and has since he took office? DeJoy is doing what Trump told him to do…slow the mail down in Democrat run states. It worked. My mail is always late.

  2. Jane

    I have always been supportive of the USPS, however with there failure to deliver mail in ballot forms in a reasonable time, they are now complicet in hampering the Election process. Although I have read numerous articles stating that ballot mail is being prioritized ahead of junk mail, I have not received my ballot although the board of elections has verified mailing it to me. I do receive useless junk mail daily, overflowing my mailbox.

  3. Trish

    I moved several months ago, I did a change of address and I receive mail for the election at my new address but no ballot. I looked it up and the State still has my old address which makes no sense. Where is my ballot?

  4. Deborah Paige

    Can I also go into polls

    • Rockwell Sands

      Yes you can, Deborah!

  5. Rob

    The sorting machines were to be decomissioned before it was decided mail in voting was going to be a major part of the election. So its very unfair fo claim this was done to throw a wrench to the process.

  6. Delia Velazquez

    We received the mail in ballots, completed, signed and mailed early September, how can I get confirmation the ballots were received and processed?

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Delia, depending on the state you’re in, you can google search for ballot tracking software, fill in your information, and see if your ballot has been accepted. I live in California, and I was able to do it through:

      If I were you, I’d type in “[your state] ballot tracking” into Google and go from there. I hope this helps!

    • Barbara Judy Corwin

      Cannot find if my ballot has been received and counted.

  7. William C Damiano

    Mailed in Absentee Ballot two weeks ago by Post Office delivery. Recived two notices that the Ballot has not been received. Please advise.
    Thank you,
    William C. Damiano
    1217 Rosehill Dr.
    Waxhaw NC 28173

  8. Victoria

    I have total faith in the USPS system!
    Regretfully that you have to have someone write about the President of the United States opinion has nothing to do with our mail, no matter what his opinion is.
    The blame game does not work in my opinion as being professional.

  9. Linda Price

    I would like a mail in ballot

  10. Linda Hardner

    I would like a mail-in ballot for both myself Linda F Hardner and my husband Francis J Hardner, Jr Thank you. .

    • And the Goebelle's propaganda is hard at work for these mail-in ballots eh? I guess the polos have indicted there ARE that many gullible people that can sway an election. very sad

      And the Goebelle’s propaganda is hard at work for these mail-in ballots eh? I guess the polls have indicted there ARE THAT many gullible people that can sway an election. Sd……….so very sad

  11. Richard DeCarlo

    I maintain that all that has been written about the Postal Service being overwhelmed due to the Corvid Virus IS TRUE ! At least once a week, each and every week, I DO NOT get the Wall Street Journal via the US Mail. When I ask why, I get it is a staffing shortage due to the Corvid Virus and that “The regular mail” gets priority”. To that I say: ” My Newspaper IS NOT A PACKAGE, as has been classified as such, but indeed IS MY MAIL. Postal Service THINKS, = incorrectly so – it can’t be sued and that it has immunity. Wrong! The US Postal Service is NOT immune and CAN BE SUED FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT. I will let them tell a District Court Judge, why they miss my deliveries each and every week and then have the audacity to double up, with two papers the next day, IF I am lucky. DO NOT BELIEVE OUR LOCAL POSTAL SERVICE IN THE WESLEY CHAPEL AREA WILL BE ABLE TO HANDLE BALLOTS ON A TIMELY BASIS. I will instead go to vote in person………….

  12. Sandra Hanshaw

    I was eligible votedi in the primart so want to see if I have to register again?
    Than you
    Thank you

  13. michael lembo

    will the ballot be sent to me ?

    • Rockwell Sands

      It depends on whether or not you’ve registered to vote, and whether you requested a vote by mail ballot. If you type in “Vote by Mail” and then your state into Google, you should be able to get it sent to you.

  14. Kent Witchey

    How do my wife Nina Bodnar and I receive our mail in election ballots??

    • Rockwell Sands

      Hi Kent,

      It depends on where you live, but this link may help you & your wife request vote-by-mail absentee ballots:

    • eva hoffman

      I haven’t received my ballot after sending in my request weeks ago. What do I do now?

      • Richard M. DeCarlo


  15. nita D. . Hewitt

    mail forms mail forms

    • Valeria


      • CHUN MAN MUI

        I hope to vote by mail


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