Blockchain Generated ePostage
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USPS Certifies First Blockchain Generated ePostage

CaseMail becomes first company to offer ePostage generated with blockchain technology; USPS certifies as official postage

USPS is getting into the blockchain (and NFT) game. Today, CaseMail announced that USPS has certified them as the first producer of blockchain generated ePostage labels. These USPS labels will use CaseMail’s non-fungible token (aka “NFT”) mail technology, and are now the world’s first blockchain-supported postage.

How Blockchain Generated ePostage Works

NFT’s have boomed in popularity over the past year, and now postage seems to be the next frontier for digitalization. Still, the process of how it all works will undoubtedly render many seasoned shippers confused.

CaseMail digitally “stamps” their NFTs onto USPS labels, as well as the items inside the letter or package going out. As a result, all the data about the shipment and mailing history is recorded on the blockchain. This creates a verifiable chain of custody for digital and physical assets. Since the both the contents and the delivery history can be digitally verified, it ensures a higher level of privacy for both the sender and recipients. In fact, law firms and legal departments across the country currently use CaseMail’s postal tracking and content verification technology to present certified proof of legal correspondence in United States courts.

USPS is the First Major Carrier to Certify Blockchain Generated Postage

Currently, USPS is the sole carrier to arrive at this new intersection of postage and blockchain technology. As a result, many see the Postal Service’s recognition of CaseMail’s ePostage as a landmark sign of demystifying the blockchain, as well as much wider adoption to come.

Joe Ruiz, Founder and CEO of Casemail, provided the following quote:

“It’s fitting that the USPS, a historic institution that served as a vanguard during the founding of our country, is at the forefront of this revolution in communications and commerce. CaseMail’s USPS-certified blockchain postage provides additional credibility to the debate about the future of NFTs and the wider adoption of blockchain into everyday life. Using NFTs to help protect a process that’s both familiar and important to everyone—mailing a letter or package—helps demystify this important new technology. It is simply postage printed from the blockchain.”

Does This Mean Physical Postage is Going Away?

Packages are physical products, which require physical shipping labels to indicate the amount of postage paid. Therefore, there’s no reason to assume physical postage will phase out anytime soon. CaseMail is, in essence, a new kind of online shipping software company. Rather than seeking to replace postage altogether, it just uses blockchain technology to generate its labels. In essence, the digitalized token that CaseMail “stamps” onto a letter or package simply gives it an additional level of security through blockchain verification.

If you’re wondering when this service will be available to you, you may need to wait a tad longer. Right now, only legal professionals and government agencies are able to use CaseMail’s services. However, the company hopes to provide global access through integrations in the second quarter of 2021 (so, relatively soon). Customers won’t need to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy labels through CaseMail when that time comes; anyone will be able to use standard U.S. currency.

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