USPS is the top federal agency for multicultural opportunities
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USPS Honored as Top Federal Agency for Multicultural Opportunities

2019 marks the eighth consecutive year USPS has been honored for multicultural business opportunities

In an era where we need to celebrate more diversity, the US Postal Service is killing it! In fact, USPS is being honored by Omnikal as the top federal agency for multicultural business opportunities in the entire country. This marks the 8th consecutive year that Omnikal has awarded USPS this top honor, and the 19th straight year that USPS has been included in Omnikal’s prestigious “Omni50” group. To the Postal Service, we offer our congratulations!

Who is Omnikal?

Omnikal is a business-to-business social media and networking organization. Each year, they honor a group of organizations and cluster them into what they call the Omni50. Despite the number 50 in the name, this group represents the 25 top-ranked government agencies that support opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Knowing that, it’s no wonder that the Postal Service has been a part of the Omni50 for 19 consecutive years. After all, USPS is the premier carrier for eCommerce and small businesses throughout America!

The Importance of Diversity and Multicultural Opportunities for USPS

The Postal Service places a strong emphasis on diversity and providing opportunities for multicultural organizations. In fact, USPS often goes out of its way to engage with multicultural businesses and entrepreneurs. Some examples include reaching out to register small businesses and hosting workshops. In addition, USPS regularly facilitates one-on-one business meetings and consultations with small business owners from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

USPS Vice President of Supply Management Susan M. Brownell provided a quote on the matter.

“We recognize supplier diversity as an essential part of our procurement strategy and we believe it strengthens our competitiveness in the marketplace,” she said.

Why This Award Matters

Firstly, this award is a testament to how much the Postal Service values small businesses and eCommerce entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. USPS knows that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and they constantly work to help small business owners succeed.

Secondly, Omnikal’s award matters because we live in a time when diversity needs to be celebrated. In both business and in life, diversity needs to be seen as a strength. We couldn’t be more proud that USPS is a shining beacon for that message.

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