USPS is using artificial intelligence
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USPS Is Using Artificial Intelligence from NVIDIA

USPS partners with tech powerhouse NVIDIA to help process packages more efficiently in the age of eCommerce

Artificial intelligence has now made its way to the United States Postal Service. Yesterday, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) announced that it will provide USPS with its advanced artificial intelligence technology. Engineering teams from both USPS and NVIDIA have been developing the AI models for months, and the tech is expected to be fully operational throughout USPS by the spring of 2020.

NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Help USPS Process Packages 10 Times Faster

As it currently stands, the US Postal Service delivers over 6 billion packages per year. NVIDIA’s AI technology will help USPS handle their packages up to a rate of 10 times the current processing speed. More specifically, the AI will allow USPS to read address labels more quickly and more accurately.

This is a huge win for both NVIDIA as well as the US Postal Service. USPS will obviously receive a boost in efficiency from the partnership, and NVIDIA can now prove that their AI tech has widespread practical uses.

The Other Technology Plays USPS Is Making

Teaming up with NVIDIA isn’t the Postal Service’s first foray into ultra-modern technology. In May of this year, USPS started experimented with self-driving trucks that shuttled mail between Phoenix and Dallas. In addition, USPS launched a pilot program in central California that saw all-electric chassis from Cummins fitted onto their delivery trucks.

Other shipping carriers are also following suit alongside USPS. Earlier this year, FedEx unveiled its own autonomous delivery robot called SameDay, and the FAA recently granted exclusive approval to UPS to deploy unlimited delivery drones. As it turns out, the entire shipping industry is in the midst of a technological renaissance.

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