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USPS Postpones Ban on Shipping Vaping Products

USPS requires additional time to review how to best implement changes ordered by Congress on prohibiting sending vaping products

Last month, Congress ruled that it was now illegal to ship electronic cigarettes and other vaping products within the United States and abroad. As a result, neither individuals nor businesses are now able to ship vaping products with USPS. This change came as part of an amendment to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, and technically took effect on April 26th. However, USPS has announced a delay to the implementation of this rule.

The Postal Service’s Reason for Delaying the Ban on Shipping Vaping Products

USPS has postponed the implementation of the ban because it needs to give more consideration to the matter. The fact is,  thousands of businesses legally ship similar products, and they rely on the USPS network each day. Consequently, this ban on e-cigarettes and vape products won’t just affect businesses in the cigarette industry. It will also hurt many small operations who (legally) manufacture and ship other products, such as industrial hemp-derived CBD.

Currently, USPS hasn’t provided a clear definition of when a final decision will take place. On Monday, April 26th, USPS spokesman David P. Coleman provided the following quote via email:

“Despite our best efforts, in order to ensure thorough and thoughtful consideration of the complex issues and voluminous comments by industry, individual, and governmental stakeholders, the Postal Service is unable to publish a final rule by today’s target date.”

That said, Coleman also stated that USPS would finalize the rule “as soon as possible,” and that shippers should be “prepared for implementation upon publication anytime.”

What About FedEx and UPS?

Just last week, USPS reminded businesses making vape components to prepare for new prohibitions on sending their products. However, shippers shouldn’t necessarily jump ship to the other major carriers just yet. Both FedEx and UPS have already said they plan to follow the Postal Service’s guidance. Therefore, individuals and businesses soon won’t be able to ship vape products with UPS or FedEx, either.

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  1. Jon K

    The ruling applies to both nicotine and cannabis products.

  2. Kenm

    Dunno i was just about out of my stocked up goto juice. Found a place online and the shipping option was still present. Went through with it .. 3 days later USPS delivered it. Just ordered a Kangertech mini c and also via USPS. Not sure of the how or why but im not asking any questions 😂

  3. Big Tobacco

    It was just a matter of time before big tobacco put their two cents in, have you seen their version of vape cigs? What a JOKE! And, it was just a matter of time before the States got a foothold = MORE TAXES, FEES ETC. And, the yakkers who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about vaping, SERIOUSLY?! You’d think it was an issue of, “my body, my choice “. Well, I suppose it may be. If I want to smoke then, “my body, my choice “. If I want to vape then, “my body, my choice “. If I do or don’t want a vaccine then, “my body, my choice “. TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT, TOO MUCH CONTROL, TOO MANY IDIOTS YAKKING ABOUT SUBJECTS THEY ARE ENTIRELY IGNORANT ABOUT! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY AND WITHOUT QUESTION OR DOUBT, “HAD IT WITH THE USA!”

  4. Bronson

    This is down right crazy!!!! I haven’t smoked a cigarette in years! I’ve been vaping instead and have even gone down in nicotine ! You’re making it ridiculous for grown adults to get Vape products this is just going to start some huge underground thing which is going to be even worse! I have quit smoking cigarettes because of vaping

  5. Jason Leighton

    I stocked up on mods, rebuildable tanks, etc, I even started making my own juice and got nicotine stored in my freezer. We can always order from companies in China, companies like Fasttech that ship vaping products discretely. Yes it will take time to get to you but they will never stop shipping here. There will be loopholes and ways to get vaping products trust me

  6. Steve

    I quit smoking cigarettes back in 2014 and I and my wife both vape and we are having a hard time with vaporfi trying to get our cartridges because they are using a off the wall carrier that doesn’t care about the customer I had to quit using vaporfi with vaporfi it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get a package coming from Kentucky to Florida when it gets to Florida it sets 5 to 7 days before they deliver please don’t let this happen.

  7. William Silvis

    Un.,(*&$) believable! Our government is rapidly running our country down the drain!

    • Jacob

      I agree sense Smok is one of the biggest cape mod makers and now they can’t get to the US


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