USPS price increase for mail
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USPS Price Increase for Mail Proposed to the Postal Regulatory Commission

USPS proposes 2024 price hike for mailing products to the Postal Regulatory Commission; if approved, the new prices will take effect on January 21st, 2024

Earlier this month, USPS proposed a price increase for mail products in 2024 to the Postal Regulatory Commission. If the PRC approves the price increase (which typically occurs once USPS puts them forth), the organization will raise stamp prices for First-Class Mail, which covers letters under 1 ounce, postcards, and smaller envelopes. Currently, the price of a “Forever” stamp is 66 cents. However, should the new price hike take effect on January 21st, 2024, the new price of a “Forever” stamp will be 68 cents.

The 2024 USPS Price Increase Would Lift All Mailing Prices by Roughly 2%

As stated above, the main change in the proposed price increase is lifting Forever stamps to 68 cents from their current level of 66 cents. However, the price of Forever First-Class Mail stamps isn’t the only increase USPS will impose. Here are some of the other services that USPS plans to increase prices for:

  • Metered 1 oz letters: 64 cents (up from 63 cents)
  • Domestic postcards: 53 cents (up from 51 cents)
  • International letters: $1.55 (up from $1.50)
  • International postcards: $1.55 (up from $1.50)

According to USPS, these “price adjustments are needed to provide the Postal Service with much-needed revenue to achieve the financial stability sought by its Delivering for America 10-year plan.” If the PRC approves the measure, all of the Postal Service’s mailing prices would increase by roughly 2%.

The announcement comes about one month after USPS said it would not impose holiday surcharges on its shipping products for the 2023 season, marking a departure from the temporary price hikes it instituted during the 2022 and 2021 holiday seasons.

At the time of publishing this article, USPS has not made any announcements regarding price increases for shipping products in 2024.

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