America's Favorite Government Agency
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USPS Ranks as America’s Favorite Government Agency (Again)

Postal Service holds 91% approval rating amongst Americans, highest among any government agency for second consecutive year

The people have spoken, and the United States Postal Service continues its reign as America’s favorite government agency. In a 2020 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, USPS came in with a staggering 91% favorability score amongst a sample size representative of the American people. That’s a full 12% higher than the second-place Center for Disease Control, which has become a household name during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How Other United States Government Entities Rank

Interestingly enough, according to the Pew Research Center’s survey, citizens identifying as both Democrat and Republicans both expressed 91% favorability for USPS. That data goes to show that the Postal Service’s popularity transcends political leanings and bi-partisan affiliations.

Curious to see how other government agencies stack up? We’ve listed out the results of the survey below (sorted by popularity ratings):

  • US Postal Service: 91%
  • Center for Disease Control: 79%
  • Census Bureau: 77%
  • Department of Health and Human Services: 73%
  • Department of Health Services: 71%
  • Federal Reserve: 69%
  • Internal Revenue Service: 65%
  • Veterans Affairs: 65%
  • Department of Justice: 60%
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): 46%

Postmaster General Brennan’s Victory Lap

When informed of the survey’s results, Postmaster General Megan Brennan expressed her gratitude on behalf of the organization:

“Postal Service employees continuously display a remarkable commitment to public service,” Brennan said. “It is rewarding to see Americans’ appreciation of the Postal Service reflected in this new survey, especially as our employees continue to provide an essential service, including the delivery of vital mail and packages to every community during the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Despite Being America’s Favorite Government Agency, USPS is in Financial Trouble

Even though Americans generally view USPS in a positive light, the Postal Service is in an extremely difficult financial position. Volume for First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail has cratered due to COVID-19. As fate would have it, those two mail services are where USPS makes the majority of its revenue. The Postal Service is already saddled with billions of dollars in debt, and if the organization doesn’t receive emergency funding soon, it will run out of cash to operate as soon as September.

If you’re interested in helping save the Postal Service, you can do some little things that would make a big impact. For example, you can buy a roll of stamps, or send a care package to a healthcare worker on the frontlines.

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