USPS resumes mail delivery in Midwest
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USPS Resumes Mail Delivery Throughout Midwest on Friday

USPS resumes mail delivery in the Midwest as temperatures finally start to rise

On Wednesday, the bone-chilling temperatures due to the Polar Vortex caused USPS to suspend delivery in the Midwest. Wind-chill temperatures fell to as low as -70, bringing pretty much everything in the affected areas to a stand-still. Thanks to rising temperatures (finally!), as of Friday, USPS will resume mail delivery for all the states in which it suspended services.

What States Will USPS Resume Mail Delivery For?

USPS will resume mail delivery in the following states: Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Interestingly enough, not many people were as worked up about the halting of mail services as we initially anticipated.

“I don’t need mail delivered at the cost of the mail person’s safety,” one user wrote on Facebook.

“Thank God the USPS has respect for their employees!!” wrote another.

From our perspective, it’s nice to see people caring for their fellow man during times of extreme conditions.

Will All USPS Services Resume?

Yes. All USPS services will resume in the Midwest including mail and parcel delivery, Post Office services, and package pickups.

Help Out Where You Can!

Just because mail delivery will resume doesn’t mean we’re quite out of the woods yet. USPS continues to urge residents to aid postal workers by shoveling snow and clearing paths to mailboxes. This will expedite mail delivery and help ensure the continued safety of letter carriers.

The Economic Results of the Portal Vortex

The record-breaking cold front had much more of an impact that just halting mail delivery throughout the Midwest. Since employees couldn’t go to work (and since people couldn’t really leave their houses), businesses are projected to have lost over $1 billion over the past week. That just goes to show you how powerful a force nature can be.

How did this week’s crazy cold weather affect you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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