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Canada Post has a long and rich history. It dates all the way back to 1763, when Canada created their first postal office. In 1867, the Canadian government created the first national network of post offices. At that time, the company was still known as “Royal Mail Canada.” It wasn’t until 1967 that they were renamed the “Canada Post.” In 1981, Canada Post officially became a Crown Corporation. That means it’s an enterprise that the Monarchy of Canada owns.


With a finger on the pulse of technology, Canada Post is the premier shipping carrier for E-commerce businesses based in Canada. Their website is incredibly modern and easy to navigate. In addition to delivering mail and parcels throughout Canada, they offer direct marketing services to consumers and business. That’s a huge perk that most other carriers don’t provide! However, like carriers here in the United States, you can still receive deeper discounts on postage by going through shipping software. Just make sure the software solution you choose offers their postage; a lot of shipping software options only offer postage from US-based carriers.


  • Direct marketing services to consumers and businesses
  • Integrate with their APIs to connect your store directly to their shipping and pricing tools
  • Postage discounts available through third-party software

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  1. Andrew F.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a carrier with better eCommerce solutions than Canada Post. They’ve really kept up with the times.


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