Can I Use Ground Services to Ship to Canada?

Learn about the cheapest ways to ship to Canada with each major carrier
Ground shipping to Canada
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Good news, folks! You can absolutely use ground services to ship to Canada. While USPS won’t allow you to ship to Canada with ground services, other carriers like FedEx and UPS do offer ground services to the Land of Maple Syrup.

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UPS & FedEx Allow Shippers to Use Ground Services to Ship to Canada

You can use all three major shipping carriers in the US to ship to Canada. However, shippers can only make use of ground services to Canada through UPS and FedEx.


UPS Standard is the cheapest option for shipping to Canada through UPS using ground services. A standard 4-pound package runs between $25-40, depending on where in Canada you’re shipping it to. Here are some more details about this service:

  • It comes with door-to-door delivery
  • You can ship packages that weigh 150+ pounds
  • Guaranteed delivery in 2-7 business days
  • The service does not include Customs clearance


FedEx’s International Ground service is the cheapest option offered by FedEx for ground service shipments to Canada. Similarly to UPS, shipping a standard 4 pounds package costs between $25-40, based on where the shipment is headed to. Here’s more information about this service:

  • Delivery takes 2-7 business days
  • You can ship packages weighing less than 150 pounds
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • You can choose who pays Customs fees

USPS Doesn’t Offer Ground Service to Canada

USPS doesn’t offer ground services for shipments going to Canada, despite having the Great White North connected to us by land. Notably, there is still an incredibly cheap option for shipments going to Canada when you use online shipping software to purchase discounted postage.

Some U.S.-based shipping software companies offer their own proprietary services for sending parcels to Canada. For instance, the international shipping service Simple Export Rate is one of the cheapest services out there for shippers sending packages under 4 pounds to overseas locations. It only costs between $8-24 to ship to Canada, depending on the weight of your package. Here’s a little more information about this service:

  • Delivery within 1-3 weeks
  • Free door-to-door tracking on shipments
  • Maximum package value of $400
  • You can hand your shipment over to USPS or schedule a free pickup before your parcel gets handed off the partner carrier
  • You can pay Customs fees separately on Canada Post

In brief, you have many options for shipping to Canada for a reasonable price… whether you send your packages by ground or air.

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