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Chief Specialty Packaging is a third-party logistics provider based in Acworth, Georgia. They are a subsidiary of a larger company that goes by the name “Chief.” According to their website, their “number one priority is to provide quality point-of-purchase displays in a secure, safe and timely manner.” In layman’s terms, that means they manufacture product displays for retail stores. Therefore, Chief Specialty Packaging doesn’t appear to create custom packaging for E-commerce businesses at all.


Chief Specialty Packaging is more of a fulfillment center than a custom packaging company, despite the word “Packaging” in their name. If your business sells products in retail stores and you’d like to create aesthetic displays for them, their subsidiary Chief Container may be a nice option to consider. However, if you’re an E-commerce business shipping individual parcels out to customers, this company can’t really help you at all.

Feature Overview:

  • Subsidiary “Chief Container” creates custom point-of-purchase displays for retail environments
    • Examples include floor stands, trays, and bins
  • Automated warehouse management system receives, scans, and tracks all products
  • Chief Specialty Packaging prepares and stages finished goods for shipment
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  • Blister Sealing equipment produces every blister package style for items such as prescription pills
  • Surveillance system monitored 24 hours a day
  • Phone support available during normal business hours
    • Email ticket support also available on their website
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  1. Cam

    Can’t say enough good things. We needed retail displays for a huge in-store campaign we were running and Chief got it done for us in record time AND under budget!

  2. Terry M.

    don’t know why you would put the word packaging in your name if you don’t do packaging

  3. Ariana

    Needed to design a package for my subscription business, so I Googled ‘custom packaging companies.’ These guys came up, but I kind of got confused…I can’t tell if they even do that sort of thing?


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