Citizen Thermal Label Printer


The Citizen Thermal Label Printer is a durable and versatile label printer built for printing 4×6″ shipping labels that connects to a computer via an Ethernet or USB cable.


If you’re looking to print 4×6″ shipping labels, the Citizen printer is one of your many options. It’s an efficient machine, but from our experience, it’s a bit outdated than other competitors. For instance, there’s no built-in WiFi capability. It only connects to your computer via an Ethernet or USB cable, which makes printing from a smart phone or tablet virtually impossible. Speaking of hardware connections—when’s the last time you saw an Ethernet cable, or even a USB cable, at that? Since so many small business owners work via mobile setups, and the fact that no new laptops come with Ethernet and/or USB ports, that’s a dealbreaker to us. Also, maybe we’re just being picky, but the bulky cube look isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing, either.

Citizen claims that this printer is one of the most environmentally friendly label printers on the market. While that may be true, it isn’t the most effective printer out there for a high-volume shipper’s needs. Also, it doesn’t offer any battery packs for portability, like the Brother QL-810W does. Not to mention that it’s also $70 or so more expensive than the QL-810W.

All in all, there are more efficient and modern thermal printer labels on the market, and for a much more attractive price point.

Citizen Highlights:

  • Compatible with all major shipping software platforms featuring standard 4×6″ label sizes
  • Connect to a computer with an Ethernet or USB cable
  • Print 8 inches of labels per second (amounting to less than 60 standard 4×6″ labels per minute)
  • Print labels from 1.57″ to 4.1″ wide with no restriction on the height of the labels
  • Free support via email, phone, or remote desktop available on the Citizen website

Not sure if the Citizen Thermal Label Printer is right for you?

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