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Deutsche Post is the premier shipping carrier for sending mail and parcels throughout Germany. They also provide international shipping services for German citizens and businesses.


Deutsche Post offers standard carrier services and has scores of Post Offices across Germany. However, Deutsche Post focuses more on mail than parcels—they actually partnered with DHL Germany for domestic and international parcel delivery! Like other carriers, customers can track parcels and schedule pickups. Their rates are also some of the lowest prices that German citizens and businesses will find. As a downside, a lot of their website features are only in German and not English, such as their “Portoberater” postage calculator. So, if you don’t sprechen sie deutsch…you’re a bit out of luck on this one.


  • Partnered with DHL Germany for parcel delivery (domestic and international)
  • “Find a mailbox” feature makes it easy for users to locate their closest mailbox
  • Competitive rates for both mailing and shipping services
  • German phone number available on their website
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  1. PAUL

    I lost over £100 thanks to Deutsche Post loosing my tracked parcel. They either did nor it look properly for it or it was stolen by one of their workers in their in their Logistics Centre. Their so called Customer Services people were not remotely interested or helpful Will never risk buying any thing coming from Germany again

  2. Dmytro

    Lost my expensive parcel and ignore my letters. The worst post.

  3. Sebastian

    Easy to track my packages orders and delivers always on time

  4. Anelia

    Best services for packages and mail in Germany!


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