GSO, short for Golden State Overnight Delivery Service, is a regional shipping carrier that services the western part of the United States. A relatively young shipping carrier, they incorporated 20 years ago on the premise that California companies shouldn’t have to pay national delivery rates for in-state shipments. They ship to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.


GSO is an alternative to the major carriers if you’re shipping to the western United States.  They offer competitive prices and delivery times on priority overnight and ground services. Like the major carriers, customers can buy postage online, print shipping labels, and even schedule pickups. Most consumers and businesses use GSO when they find themselves in time-critical situations. Compared to FedEx, their prices are cheaper for overnight delivery. However, since service is limited to only the western United States, they aren’t the best carrier for E-commerce businesses. Shipping with USPS will almost always be cheaper and more reliable. Certain USPS mail classes like Priority Mail Cubic have similar delivery timeframes, and you’ll save way more money on postage. In addition, Priority Mail Cubic also includes $100 of shipping insurance if you buy postage with shipping software.


  • Services include Priority Overnight, Ground, and Freight
  • Delivery occurs by 8:30 am or 10:30 am to most areas
  • Later pickup times (as late as 8 pm in certain areas)
  • On-time delivery percentage exceeds 97%
  • Cost savings often exceed 40% for priority overnight services compared to national carriers such as UPS and FedEx

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  1. Travis

    absolute garbage delivery company. My package was scheduled to be delivered on a particular day, and the driver made 3 attempts to drop off my package, but apparently he didn’t want to get out of his vehicle. Instead of parking out front he wanted my gate code which i don’t have.. same story the following day, still no package, then another day after that they magically make it in then fail to leave my package with out a signature which wasn’t required. I’m blown away on how terrible a delivery company can be.

  2. Yesica Molina

    Medical supplies for a wound patient were trusted to this delivery company. They drove to the location, ignored the “special instructions” (call upon arrival). I could see in the surveillance camera that the driver drove by address, notice the apartment complex required a key for entrance, and drove off. This is unacceptable!

  3. Dave

    Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with any shipper, ever. I handed a package with two expensive bottles of Japanese whisky to a the driver. I watched as he got back into his vehicle without scanning the package. The package never showed up in the GSO system, and I followed their instructions (having them perform a trace and ultimately submitting a claim for a lost package). I declared a value of $250 when creating the shipping label and their IT support acknowledged this fact in an email to me. My claim has been denied and they say it’s because the package was never entered into their tracking system. I’ve explained that I handed the package to the driver and watched him drive away without scanning it. I’ve asked them how I can be held accountable for the actions of their driver, but they are no longer answering emails or returning phone calls or emails.

  4. Ted

    Way cheaper then FedEx for overnight deliveries, you get the same service but at a way better price


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