A recently acquired division of Pitney Bowes, Newgistics is a third-party logistics provider and order fulfillment company for E-commerce businesses.


This a tricky one. Newgistics offers discounted shipping rates and standard fulfillment services like kitting, pick and pack, warehousing and more. However, their real strength seems to lie in customer returns processing rather than business to consumer (B2C) delivery. Scores of aggravated customers lament that their packages have gotten lost in transit after Newgistics drops them off USPS sorting facilities for last mile delivery. Another common complaint is that customer service is extremely difficult to get ahold of. Some customers say they couldn’t get ahold of anyone at all! With all of the bad juju out there on this company, we think you’re better off shipping with USPS directly…especially if your E-commerce business can still handle in-house fulfillment.

Feature Overview:

  • Proprietary “ncommerce” solution integrates with all marketplaces on a single platform
  • “SmartLabel+” barcode technology streamlines the returns process
    • When customers send a package back, Newgistics intercepts it at one of their many regional facilities
    • In addition to verifying contents, they can either refurbish items, dispose, resell, donate or liquidate
  • Standard fulfillment services such as kitting, pick and pack, warehousing and more
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  • Rated a top 3PL three years in a row by Multichannel Merchant
    • Potential customers should still be wary of the large amount of negative reviews
  • National fulfillment network boasts over 1.2 million square feet of warehouse space
  • Contact form on their website automatically redirects to Pitney Bowes

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  1. Beth

    Ugh, package has been ‘in transit’ for months!! I’d stay away if I were you

  2. Kitty

    Be careful, a lot of retail stores use them for their returns processing, like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. I ordered a pair of pants from Nordstrom and had to return them, but they still haven’t received the package because it’s been sitting in a Newgistics facility for 10 DAYS and counting!

  3. Evan b.

    The endless bad reviews out there speak for themselves BIG TIME. do yourself a favor and dont even bother, if you wanna order something on amazon and the merchant uses Newgistics just order from another merchant

  4. S. Cook

    Their tracking numbers are useless and they always blame their shipping partners for delayed and lost packages

  5. E.K.

    So happy I found this site to verify it wasn’t just me! Fashion Nova has switched to this carrier for return and it is a nightmare. Sent an item back on November 1st. It has still not been received and it’s November 30th! Take my advice: if you plan to return an item, DO NOT USE SMARTLABEL via Newgistics! Get the return address and send using a reliable services, e.g., USPS Priority Mail, USPS, or FedEx.

  6. John

    The worst shipper ever. No tracking, no one to contact, complete disdain for the customer.

    My package is lost between Los Angeles and Stockton (about 300 miles) for over a week now and there’s no one to talk to, no one to email, nothing.

    eBay has made a huge mistake choosing these clowns for their global shipping company.

    It’s hard to imagine how a company could be so completely incompetent.

  7. Tara Zoitos

    Large and expensive order from 11/28/19 still in transit; package not received and hasn’t been updated since 12/6, this item was supposed to be delivered 12/5/19. Customer service is a joke; this is the WORST company.

  8. Ed

    Worst shipping company ever. 18 days to deliver item in California(actually still hasn’t arrived not optimistic about them doing job right). It would have been cheaper and faster to send package priority mail. No reply from customer service.


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