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When they first started out, Pitney Bowes originally went down the path of making postage meters rather than providing access to USPS postage online. However, Pitney Bowes is now considered one of the “Big 4” PC Postage Providers. The other three that make up the group are Stamps.com, EasyPost, and Endicia.


Pitney Bowes has grown into a gigantic company that provides a slew of mailing and shipping services. In addition to being a leading third-party postage provider, they also offer a full suite of fulfillment services such as kitting, assembly, pick and pack, warehousing, returns processing and more. In this sense, Pitney Bowes is a “one stop shop” for E-commerce businesses where clients can buy postage online at discounts and outsource their order fulfillment. However, potential clients should keep an eye out for markups they add on top of their published postage prices. As one may expect from a publicly traded company, their services also don’t come cheap. To speak frankly, there are other shipping software options out there that are free to use and let you access even deeper USPS discounts.

Feature Overview:

  • Shipping API integrates into virtually any marketplace or shopping cart, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and more
  • “Complete Shipping” combines online stores, warehouses and distribution centers onto a single scalable platform
    • Platform includes rate shopping so clients receive optimal prices from different shipping carrier options
  • Their “Complete Marketplace” service makes international shipping easy
    • Entering into one simple contract with Pitney Bowes places clients on several marketplaces around the world
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  • Rent a postage meter to help you buy exact postage when mailing letters and shipping parcels
  • Ranked #1 in international E-commerce and fulfillment services by the Internet Retailer Top 1000
  • Automated voice message system is available 24/7
    • Representatives available 8 am – 8 pm EST, Monday – Friday

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  1. B Clyde

    Companies need to stop using this junk. PB has no idea on shipping logistics. I didn’t think it could get worse than usps, but they take the cake. Well done you morons.

  2. Jeff Daane

    Pitney Bowes send pro c series worst piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased

  3. Fuck Pitney Bowes

    Y’all bitches really take this long to deliver a package 2 hour from me. Shitty people

  4. Evan

    We ordered a postage meter from Pitney Bowes early 2021. After waiting a month to be shipped and opening a case, another month for them to reply, they told us the meter was back ordered and would be shipped within a few days. We immediately replied requesting the order be cancelled as the service level demonstrated by PB at this point was unacceptable. Received an e-mail today (another month later) about how to activate a postage meter we haven’t received.

  5. Madison

    If it’s your choice, I recommend not ordering from this facility. When I called, no one provided me on information, you package is in there storage and it takes however long until they get to your package. I was suppose to get my package a week ago and the status hasn’t changed in 11 days

  6. Mando

    Pitney bowes shipping is a worthless joke.
    Take in mind these 3 people:
    Cliff Rucker
    Marie ballesteros
    Masanobu Cramer

    Cliff Rucker is a knucklehead. He sits in a glass house and bitches about things he doesn’t see.
    Marie ballesteros has the title of facility manger but has never managed a facility.
    Masanobu Cramer is like that little kid in a junior high school playgrounds that would bump his head in between the big boys as they had there meetings to see what they were talking about. Then he would go ahead and eat out every bodies ideas and plans because he was an outcast insecure weasel.
    Mason obj claims to have credentials??? I saw him as a fucking wanna be loser.
    And he is a facility director.

    When you have indidus like these, in supposedly important roles in the e-commerce industry, everybody that follows or is supposed to follow there lead don’t you all agree that a facility cannot and will not be run properly with individuals like these?
    Point is packages will sit for months, no freight gets moved, and when work is supposed to be done, all these guys do is verbally abuse and beat each other up everyday. I was ready to kick mas ass but I knew that would have caused problems. All there is is lies and backstabbing and false data reporting in the Bloomington facility. They are all hypocrites and two faced. I’m ready to sue the fuck out of this chaotic warehouse that employees child like individuals who believe they know what they are doing. If your looking for work, never apply here. If you work here quit. If you order packages and you see the Pitnet bowes logo on your email, call the company and beg them to switch shippers. You will wait months to get what you ordered.
    Hopefully these three will miraculously get fired or leave. Then things might be better.

  7. Heather Kennedy

    If I could give 0 stars I would, there is no useful customer service. Accountability gets pushed to the shipping company who is newgistics AKA Pitney Bowes who has no clue what’s going on in their shipping system and items are sitting for weeks. I will never order from a company who uses newgistics again, they are a terrible company. No customer service and people’s money sitting in warehouse for weeks.

  8. Grayden

    I had no trouble with the shipping of this company. Where I live in Canada shipping can take months. My parcel came a week early. Something that almost NEVER happens.

  9. Carlo

    Pitney Bowes is the worst e commerce/ fulfillment/ shipping company that a company can choose. Just look at all complaints on the web about them. Look at adidas on line store reviews. They are alienating Adidas customers taking over a month and more to get their orders. And, that’s if they get them. Using Pitney Bowes as a business partner will ruin your business.
    Pitney Bowes is an old school company that thinks it can transition to a e-fulfillment / shipping company. They can’t fulfill anything.

  10. Melanie Lassiter

    Pitney bowes/Newgistics is some kind of horrible JOKE. I had to return 2 AT&T devices in November 2020. I mailed the 1st one on Nov 6th and after sitting on it and no way to call them, they eventually sent it “around the world” and finally delivered it on 12-18-20. It took them nearly SIX WEEKS, that is after I was charged an enormous fee from at&t for “failure to return” it. At&t finally reimbursed me after spending hours & weeks on phone and talking with SIXTEEN customer service reps.
    BUT IT’S NOT OVER. The second device is now lost in newgistic’s BLACK HOLE. I mailed it at local post office like with 1st device, & newgistics took days to pick it up as usual, and sent it to a different state, then back to my state, then to yet a different state, then back to my state AGAIN, and is now at “fdr” in atlanta. Looks like people on here are saying that’s where packages go to die. I can’t wait to call at&t a million more times and be charged another whopping fee!

  11. Grayson

    Why are retailers using this company. I have never had such a terrible experience receiving a package. The tracking number provided is useless because they never update tracking information. I haven’t had an update in a couple of weeks. I have no idea where my order is or if I will even receive it at this point.

  12. GaryB

    Worst company for shipping partner. They won’t assist consumers nor will they acknowledge their poor service that keeps packages from getting to the consumers. They hold on to them and I have heard reports employees are stealing packages and selling them on eBay. Someone needs to have this company held accountable for their poor service

  13. Jill

    I never imagined incompetence at this level. They have had my parcel FOR 47 DAYS, and for the last 17 of those days it has been just sitting at one of their facilities within driving distance of my home, although they won’t release it to me. Before that, they shipped it to several locations that made no sense at all. A complete nightmare. Avoid them at all costs. They are the very worst.

  14. Kim Wiltberger

    Pitney Bowes, your postage meters were sub par, I don’t know what sleazy backroom deals were struck to allow you to insert yourself into the ecommerce logistics infrastructure, but suffice it to say, you have besmirched the reputations of the USPS, fedex, now you have acquired Newgistics and I’m sure you will destroy any positive impacts they had on the industry as well. Pitney Bowes, everything you touch turns fetid and rotten. You ought do the world a favor any shut down your inadequate operations. Your customer support is toxic and you have thousands of consumer complaints online. I had no trouble receiving packages until you were inserted into the equation. Whatever you are doing, it is a disservice to everyone involved from the seller to the mail carriers and the poor consumers forced to wait literally weeks and months for the items they purchased. What you are doing should be criminal as it is tantamount to theft even if the recipient does finally get their package it’s so long delayed as to be useless to the buyer. I wish there was some way to hold you accountable for your actions. Bottom line, you suck and it’s obvious that you are aware of that fact and care nothing for those waiting on their items. You are thieves and charlatans. Simply shameful.

    • John

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  15. Maria

    Sssllllloooooowwwww! Very very slow. No tracking info offered. Guessing games.


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