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Remar Inc is a fulfillment and supply chain management company located in Lebanon, Tennessee. Their core businesses are fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution. However, they also create custom packaging in the form of retail boxes and point of purchase displays. You’ve seen some of their clients’ displays in stores: Pringles, Sharpie, and more.


Remar Inc’s core operation is a fulfillment center that packs products, manages inventory, and distributes orders. They also provide print and packaging services for businesses in need of retail packaging and point of purchase displays. However, they don’t focus on creating custom branded packaging for E-commerce subscription businesses like some other packaging companies out there. In addition, a lot of other custom packaging companies’ websites let users design their boxes and packaging from their computers. Remar’s site doesn’t allow that luxury. Strangely enough, Remar Inc also has a television division that is the exclusive distributor for Hisense televisions in the US. So, if you’re in the market for a television and don’t want to visit Best Buy, Target, or Amazon…hit them up?

Feature Overview:

  • Order fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics
  • Packaging division provides design services, stocking, inventory management, and consultation
    • They offer corrugated boxes and styrofoam coolers, as well as packing material like bubble bags, stretch wrap, and sealing tape
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  • Reverse Logistics division helps clients manage returned orders
    • Remar offers a slew of services in this area, such as inspecting and refurbishing products, replacing parts, repackaging, relabeling, liquidating, recycling, and more
  • Phone support during normal business hours
    • Email support and contact form also available on their website
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  1. Ernest K.

    They were super helpful when my business needed custom retail packaging, just ended up being a bit more expensive than I initially anticipated

  2. Elias

    Can create any kind of cardboard display your business needs, would definitely recommend


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