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RR Donnelley is a global third-party logistics provider that also offers fulfillment, distribution, and creative marketing solutions such as branded communication services.


RR Donnelley is a whole lot more than just a fulfillment center. In addition to providing standard fulfillment services like kitting, package assembly and distribution, they specialize in creative marketing campaigns that increase customer engagement. RR Donnelley can also create custom packaging for E-commerce clients like subscription box businesses. While all of their services can absolutely add value for large clients with big budgets, it might be overkill if you’re just starting out your own E-commerce businesses. If that’s the case, we suggest keeping it simple. You can keep fulfillment in-house and get the best shipping rates if you buy postage online with shipping software. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you don’t start outsourcing fulfillment to a company like RR Donnelley until you absolutely NEED to.

Feature Overview:

  • Full suite of fulfillment and logistics services such as kitting, warehousing, distribution and more
  • Clients can ship to over 200 countries with different couriers for optimal rates
  • Create custom branded packaging and labels
  • Browse more features


  • Self-proclaimed largest employer of design professionals in the world
    • They can aid clients with marketing and customer engagement campaigns by creating customized invoices, brochures, catalogs and much more
  • Incredibly fast turnaround time on orders such as custom point of purchase displays
  • Phone support during normal business hours
    • Contact form also available on their website

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  1. Braxton

    Started a sub box that’s been growing pretty quickly. We contacted RR Donnelley and were really impressed with their fulfillment services but their price points were a bit out of range (for now)


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