The Dimensions of all the Free USPS Boxes

The outer dimensions of each free box that the US Postal Service offers, listed out
dimensions of all the free usps boxes

Need to figure out the dimensions of your USPS box? We’ve got you covered. We’ve listed the outer dimensions of all of the free USPS boxes below, along with links to where you can order them on the USPS website. Heads up: they’re all free to order!

The Outer Dimensions of Each Free USPS Box

Why Decimals and Not Fractions?

You may have noticed that we listed out all of these dimensions in decimals instead of fractions. We did this because most online shipping software companies don’t recognize fractions when you enter in your box’s dimensions. You’ll most always have to enter your outer dimensions using decimal points no matter which shipping software you use, so we figured listing them out this way would make things easier!

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