What are the USPS Maximum Weight Limits?

Check out our list of the USPS maximum weight limits for each domestic mail class, including First Class Package Service, Priority Mail, and Retail Ground.
USPS maximum weight limits
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The maximum allowable weight varies with the USPS mail class you choose. Here are USPS’ maximum weight limits for all the different services, listed out for you below.

Maximum Weight Limits for Each Domestic USPS Mail Class

  • First Class Package Service – 15.99 oz (just under 1 lb)
  • Weight-based Priority Mail – 70 lbs
  • Priority Mail Cubic – 20 lbs
  • Priority Mail Express – 70 lbs
  • Media Mail – 70 lbs
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate – 70 lbs
  • Retail Ground/Parcel Select Ground – 70 lbs
  • Regional Rate Box A – 15 lbs
  • Regional Rate Box B – 20 lbs
  • Marketing Mail – 15.99 oz (just under 1 lb)

Pro Tip: In addition to maximum weight restrictions, each USPS mail class has size restrictions, as well. Check out our guide on the Maximum Box Dimensions for Shipping with USPS for more information.

For International Shipments, Maximum Weight Per Package Varies

Shipping internationally with USPS is a whole different story when it comes to maximum allowable weight per package. In addition to varying based on the service you use, the maximum package weight also changes based on the country you’re shipping to. For example, the maximum weight for Priority Mail International when shipping to Australia is 66 pounds. However, Priority Mail International maximum weight when shipping to Mexico is 70 pounds.

To determine the maximum allowable weight for shipping to a specific foreign country, browse USPS’ individual country listings.

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